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By : Nikki Savage



The holidays are upon us.  I truly hope everyone is finding some time and making space in their lives for some stillness.  While the lights and festivities are wonderful and exciting, winter is a time to go within.


I know if feels counterintuitive to take time to be still during a very busy month.  But it is oh so necessary.  We each have our own rhythms to honor.  If we truly wish to bring our A game to the holiday season, shouldn’t we take the time to see how we can flow more harmoniously with the pace of the season?  When we get off our own rhythm we can begin to feel overwhelmed by the marketing machine the holidays have become.  When we allow ourselves to stop and sit with it, it really isn’t going as fast as we believe.  We realize the pace is ours to set.


We need to take the time to exhale some of that hectic, frantic energy and inhale some of the peace of this season.  To honor the way the energy moves in the wintertime.  To sink more deeply into our roots so we can withstand the winds.


So many try to overdo.   I know I have.  We see that everyone else appears to have it all together.  All the shopping done by November, cookies baked with decorative icing in every shape and color, packages wrapped with curly ribbon and dried flowers, and holiday cards with perfect little children in a perfect holiday setting.  I know there are some people who really can do all these things and not feel stressed.  They enjoy it.  And that is wonderful.


But with social media and marketing, some believe it is the standard.  And it truly isn’t.  Or at least it never was for me when I would try to do it all.  So I don’t anymore.


In my world, it’s midway through December and I am just starting to shop.  And once I buy them, my gifts will probably look like they were wrapped by a 4 year old or they will be inside other gifts like a scarf.  My cookies, if I get around to baking them, will be unadorned unless my daughter wants to sprinkle colored sugar on them. When I used to send out cards by mail, they had the single picture out of 30 that all three kids were looking, no one was slapping anyone or screaming or crying or ripping their little clip on ties and bows off and it was zoomed in to omit the mess of toys, sippy cups with solid milk and whatever else living life with little kids looked like that surrounded the tree.   If my cards were in video form, they would have featured me screaming at the top of my lungs, “Sit still and look at Mommy for the love of God!”  Yep.  Not so Christmas-y.   But the resulting picture… ah my sweet little angels.


I used to feel so stressed out by it all.  It wasn’t my bag.  And regardless of what I got done or did not get done each year, the holidays came and went just the same.  So I’ve learned to take it easy.  I’m thankful for the chill that drives me inside and attunes me to the shift to a more quiet and reflective energy.  It allows me to stop and enjoy the season for what it truly is.  Peace and joy and the sharing of our most precious gifts, our love and our time.  It really is all that matters.


And so I hope you find peace and joy this holiday season and take the time to share it with  those you love.




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