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By : Alex

Although I have known for many years that a new Ice Age would soon be upon us, for all thattime I could never figure out how it all would start. However, lately I think I have the answer to thathuge puzzle. But before I get to that, it’s important to know one thing.


In our universe, there are pairs of opposites. We have hot and cold, light and dark, big andsmall, and so on. The universe moves through these pairs of opposites in an infinite progression oftime. Big becomes small and so on. Hot becomes cold, and then back to hot again. There are the cyclesof the seasons, the tides, and larger cycles we cannot comprehend because in truth we have only beenon the planet for a short time.


What causes Ice Ages? My theory is that the energy of the stars (like our sun for example) alsomoves through cycles. At the moment our sun is moving into a receding cycle. How do we know this?There is something called a sun spot count which is used in ham radio to predict the propagationcharacteristics of our atmosphere. When the sun spot count is high, radio communication is better.When it is low, there is more interference. The sun spot count is currently low and has been for severalyears. Some radio operators think that it will never come back up again.


How does an Ice Age begin? The atmosphere becomes heated, and reaches a maximum. Wealready have proof of this because of the melting of Antarctica. There have been sections of ice meltingand breaking away that are as large as Rhode Island. This melting at the poles seems to be a pretty goodindicator that global melting is occurring. There was also a heat wave in Europe recently, and in placeslike Sweden also, if I remember correctly


As the atmosphere heats up, more and more moisture gets driven into the air, until theatmosphere becomes super saturated with water. Perhaps a volcano or two erupts. This drives a lot ofparticles into the air. The air becomes dense and acts like a shade, which reduces the amount of sunlighthitting the earth. I read an estimate recently that the atmosphere will darken by 8 or 9 percent in thenext few years. As the atmosphere darkens it becomes cooler. Eventually, the moisture in the air turnsto snow instead of rain (as it would normally do). It becomes a new, self-reinforcing cycle. The stormsbecome bigger and stronger. (We are already seeing this effect.)


Eventually, it starts to snow, and it basically doesn’t stop until the ice becomes 3 miles thick (asit did in the last Ice Age.) Then the Ice Age is here to stay. Typically an Ice Age can last for 90,000 to100,000 years. When it finally ends, there is a thawing period which lasts about 10,000 years. (We arecurrently at the tail end of the latest thawing period.)


In the grand scheme of things, the formation and dissolution of Ice Ages is a totally naturalphenomenon. Unfortunately, I think we humans may have sped up the inception of the forthcoming IceAge with our huge deposits of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere from the burning of fossilfuels in our automobiles.


My estimate is that the new Ice Age has already begun. I got the impression in 2012 and 2013that the changes which would lead to a new Ice Age were finishing up and would be irreversible. Thisshould manifest around the year 2025. It will change the way we do everything.


The impending Ice Age is a huge topic to think about. It is truly mind boggling to attempt toimagine what life would be like in an Ice Age. But it is comforting to know that Fortell’s psychics canhelp us understand how our lives will change in the future, and what we need to learn now in order tobecome ready for the Ice Age that is already on our doorstep.


A great many people won’t be able to cope with what is happening to the weather and will mostlikely die or take their lives when the Ice Age truly manifests. But those of us who are left must musterthe strength and courage to carry on and adapt as well as possible to the new conditions. We must workwith others to rebuild our lives and learn what we can to become ready for a new future.



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