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By: Keyshawn Duran



The future is unknown to us almost by definition, and it has to be that way in order for us to enjoy free will and to get out of bed in the morning some days. However this also makes it very scary, and for some of us the constant march of time can be a daunting and terrifying experience. If you are genuinely afraid of the future, then you might well find yourself to scared to take chances, or constantly worrying about what’s around the corner. Here then we will look at some ways you can feel more at ease about the future and less scared of what’s to come.



Dealing With ‘Future Shock’:


Future shock is a term used to describe a fear of the future based mainly around scientific and cultural progress. We fear that the future will be too different from what we know, and end up stuck in the past. The solution to future shock is to make an effort to ‘keep up’ with developments by trying out new technologies, going to classes and asking friends to help. Once you’re using an iPad and finding it useful, you may be less scared of the future.



Accepting Change:


Another reason that many of us fear the future is that we are afraid of change, and we worry that things not being the same means that we won’t be as happy. It’s important to learn that change can be a very good thing and bring us new opportunities and adventures. To learn to accept change, try mixing things up in your life a bit more rather than being stuck in a rut, and use ‘anchors’ (such as photos of friends, or cuddly toys from your childhood) to hang onto the past and so make the future less scary.



See a Psychic:


If you believe in psychic abilities then seeing a psychic can be a very reassuring experience. Psychics have a lot of intuition and can be very insightful regardless of your views, so discuss with them your future and listen to what they have to say and you might find out that it’s not all that bad.



Use ‘Counter factual Simulation’:


Counter factual simulation means using your brain as a kind of simulator and running through a variety of possible futures. This way you imagine how you’d react to certain events and how you’d cope/what you would do. What you’ll likely find is that you are more capable than you thought of dealing with things that could happen and that there isn’t really anything to be afraid of.





CBT stands for ‘cognitive behavioral therapy’ and it is the preferred treatment among health services for a range of anxieties and psychological conditions. Using CBT you aim to ‘rewrite’ negative thoughts and fears and replace them with positive affirmations. You can either do this yourself with a little instruction (which can be found easily online), or you can see a therapist who will guide you through the process and explain it all to you.




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