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By: Raymond Ehoma

The painful fact concerning going through a separation is that it takes the healing process of time. With that in mind, the amount of time it will take for you to heal from a separation is determined by a number of factors that are the focus of this post.

In basic English, the secret to making it through a breakup is nothing more than time. This truth may on the other hand not settle down nicely with someone who is going through a break-up however it is still the only real true key to triumph over the pain of a separation.

Surviving a breakup is a really daunting process but ultimately you’ll have to stop hiding from the fact that only time can heal all of the pain that your break-up probably have caused you. The amount of time it will take for you to recover is really a question of how soon you are able to come to grips with the fact on ground and come to know that a separation is simply not the end of the world.

Make sure you avoid wallowing in your despair and feeling sorry for yourself – though you are allowed to do just a little sobbing at the early phase of the separation. However, get hold of yourself and avoid trying to seclude yourself from the entire world. Hiding away alone is actually distressing and can compound the enormity of the pain you’re feeling. In your present condition, you will need relatives and friends beside you for support and as a source of inspiration.

There is also the temptation of relying on the usage of quick fixes for getting out of this predicament. Many of these quick fixes give you the illusion of having taken away the pains howbeit just for a while. On the whole they end up worsening the problem and creating further agony both on you and others around you.

One such quick fix is alcohol consumption. What so many people fail to understand is that alcohol is a depressant and while it makes you forget about your pains temporarily, it ends up intensifying the pain you’re suffering from. Also, you clearly do not want to get involved with drunken dialing to your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend!

In addition, during this period, there is the tendency of looking for another person to temporarily hang out with. This can be a really thorny move because while wishing that your ex could possibly get jealous when he or she find out about it, you could be also inadvertently negatively affecting another person.

In order to reduce the pain and heal the wounds from the break-up, it’s a smart idea to find things which will help distract you for a while – things that can take your thoughts off all the negative thoughts you could be having at the moment. The leisure activity you select here have a direct effect on how long it could take you to heal as well as how it might influence your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend’s view concerning how you are dealing with the break-up.

Think of fun-based activities that have the best possibility of keeping you fully engaged emotionally as well as physically. Fun-based activities which normally include many people could provide you with a lot of opportunity to make new friends (nevertheless not on a dating basis) who could easily fill the emptiness in your heart right now and take your thoughts away from the ache of the breakup.

You can actually use this time to learn a new competency, take extra lessons on a new and fascinating area of interest or even go on a break from work and take a holiday – if you have the time and can easily afford it. You may also attempt getting in shape by registering with a local fitness center. The objective here is to make use of this period in making personal improvements that can positively help you to progress in your personal as well as social life.

Irrespective of how distressing a break-up might be, you’ve got to come to a point where you need to choose to let it all go and move on with life. Breaking up with your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend do hurt and there’s no quick way to get over it. To assist you heal much quicker, you can try finding exciting activities to keep your body and mind pre-occupied thereby helping to reduce the pain and heal the wounds of the break-up as outlined above.

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