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By: Michael Santonato




Your love life is a great big possibility of abundance just like sunshine.


Think about the sun for a second.


It’s always present. Doing its thing, beaming its bright light full of warmth down upon you. No matter what you do – fight it, scream at it, curse it – it’s not going anywhere. Period. Try as you might, it doesn’t stop shining 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


But sometimes, these combinations of dry air and liquid water drops called clouds come by and block the sun’s visibility to you. When the clouds appear, you miss out on that glorious feeling of vitamin D which comes onto your skin and into your body, restoring and repairing every cell you have in the process. It doesn’t matter if it is spring, winter, summer or fall; whether you’re lying on the beach, or having a quick bite between meetings on a sunny afternoon; the sun really, is always there, giving everything it has to give to you.


When the clouds are in the way, they act as a filter. You don’t feel as good when they’re an obstruction to that warmth. You think it’s not there. You don’t feel that warmth. You don’t have that same zest for life as you do when those gloomy, grey clouds are scattered around in the skies above.


But this does not mean the sun goes away now does it? Just because you can’t see it, does not mean it isn’t there. The sun is still sitting in that same position, constantly giving its photon filled goodness which all of life on earth depends on.


The same goes for your love life, your partner and how they contribute to your success.


What do I mean?


Well, your love life can drive your professional life in some of the greatest ways possible.


When you’re in love, your creativity is heightened and your mind is often more stimulated by positive emotions and hormones. It can usher your business or your career forward by making sure you make the right decisions. You might think twice, because you’re not just thinking for yourself. It can propel you to new heights, with the support of a committed person having your back in case you fall. Your love life can push you to success faster and help you reach new levels of growth so you can support your current family or the one that’s on the way.


That sunshine is your abundant love life. It is that powerful! History has shown love is a powerful force. It ever presently beams its generosity and warmth down upon you, ready to contribute to your goals and ambitions. It is waiting all the while for you to just step inside of it and partake in all of its glory. It is ready and available to you, to support, encourage and enhance and give back just the same as the once praised ‘yellow god of life’ in ancient times.


That is why your love life is like sunshine. If it doesn’t occur like sunshine or no matter what you did in the past you just can’t seem to feel those warm and loving rays, then please, reach out to me


As The Relationship Master, I am committed that you have a love life that supports you and drives you forward in doing what you love with area no left out. Let me help you bask in it, just like warm sunshine.




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