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Charlie SheenBy: Elly
Natal Chart for Charlie Sheen
Sep 03, 1965 10:48:00 PM EDT +04:00 New York, NY 074W00’23” 40N42’51”
Placidus House System

What Sort of Person Are You?
You’re the sort of person who is adaptable and changeable, being all things to all people. You’re quick, witty, and communicative. Intelligent, verbal, and possibly a little nervous, you love talking to others. You are unconventional, independent, and drawn to whatever is different and original in life.
Your friends are also probably eccentric, particularly those you know in authority and older persons. It’s actually very easy for you to work with those in authority; you enjoy working with others and you’d make a good manager. You have an interest in athletics, exercise, and the outdoors, something that will probably be a lifelong hobby for you.
You come on strong and may intimidate those around you. Your intensity puts others through a lot of changes. You, however, are not afraid of a good confrontation, and you seldom pull any punches. You put forth strong views and are hard to influence or change.
You’re a great entertainer or speaker, you enjoy working with words and ideas, and you appreciate anything literary or artistic. It may be hard for you to think about spiritual matters, much less express them in words or thoughts. You’d rather not talk about it.
You have strong sexual energy, too, and enjoy getting down to the nitty-gritty. With a natural ability to use emotions in productive ways, you are able to manage and see how to work with the energy of others.

Accomplishment is your middle name. If there is a job, you can do it. A prodigious worker, you pour yourself into any task with absolute determination. You have a great social drive and love to work in a group or with close friends. Your solutions to life’s problems tend to ignore any moods or feelings you may have. Your career may always seem to be at war with your home and personal life.
Your innate seriousness and sense of obligation tend to set themselves up against anything that is new and different. Change, even novelty, is seen as threatening and confrontational.
You work hard at avoiding personal confrontation and sensitive issues. Duties and responsibilities could keep you from opportunities for change and inner growth. You like to tend and care for people and things. You relax by working.

Inner Workings:
You tend to be radical when it comes to self-analysis, which means health care, food, physical well-being, and so on. Serving and caring for yourself and others are primary sources of inner growth and changes. Power struggles are not unknown to you, and you may work in politics or with authorities — those older than you.
You are unconventional, independent, and drawn to whatever is different and original in life. Your personal self-discipline, or lack thereof, may amount to a liability, thus working against you.

Your Current Situation:
You may find yourself becoming less interested in the outer and social world and more interested in your own inner changes. There will be less of an impulse for recognition along with a growing sense of being by yourself and enjoying it. This coming time will be less outward and may call for a change of approach and perhaps life style.
You may take an interest in your own psyche, religion, and spiritual ideas. Many people find themselves withdrawing socially and enjoying their own company. Don’t expect to make great headway in the outer, social world.
Your career and life direction are putting some real pressure on your home and emotional life. Obviously you can’t live without both, so some kind of self-control on your part is indicated. You may have trouble with subordinates or younger people.
Your career or life-path may depend on your talent for responding and making something out of ideas, insights… whatever is new and challenging. Periods of intense creativity enable you to go through changes and inner growth.

Charlie Sheen Lovers Article:
You love to communicate with people and it shows in your relationships with them. You stick to what’s lighthearted and uplifting, ignoring any of the awkward that might come in. You’re always active and on the move, and while that might say that you are easily bored, it’s absolutely not true! You love to be drawn into really deep conversations by a partner and staying up all night talking is your idea of living. Your partner tends to be the center of your base of operations.
You like someone who is educated and world-wise. You might value them for their deep views on subjects like philosophy and religion, but you also just like to learn so much that this partner is truly ideal for you. You’re attracted to authority figures and people with good sense, possibly people who are even older than you.
People are attracted to you for your control over your own emotions, the way you feel at home around other people, and your leadership and masculinity. You have almost a natural sensitivity to feelings, something that helps people feel at ease around you.
Even being comfortable, you have a knack for spurring things into action, always moving and doing new things. You’re exciting, spontaneous, and definitely the life of a party. Surprisingly, when the party’s done, you can also fill the role of the thinker, the problem-solver, the one who’s fit to be in charge and who can be there for others.
The biggest drawback to being with you is that you have an extensive career that often makes you swing back and forth between needing to dedicate yourself to your work and your want to be at home. Your partner will have to understand that you do things your own way and you’re not a follower.
While you admire authority, you’re also often at odds with them, often even with the law. You care deeply about appearances and your capabilities at your job mean more to you than anything else. Success for you comes through hard and precise work. You need a partner who will work with you while you make your way.

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