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By: Lulu G.



This is a basic lovers chart for Virgo leading man Jason Sudeikis and the lovely Pisces lady on his arm, Olivia Wilde. We broke it down into three main parts to show you different areas in their relationship based on their birth charts.


Jason Sudeikis: Born September 18, 1975 in Fairfax, VA

Olivia Wilde: Born March 10, 1984 in New York City, NY



How they come off in public:
This is a significant relationship for the both of them. They fit perfectly in the sense that everything seems to go together in a way that helps both parties gain self interest. Of course this makes things very beneficial for the pair financially but there’s a deeper meaning in the way it helps with the foundation of the relationship in an intimate way. Only thing to worry about is being too centered on how the outside appearance can look to what’s actually going on inside. This is an important relationship for both Jason and Olivia. This is the type of relationship that will bring much significant direction and much purpose to both for many years to come.


Emotionally connected behind doors:
This is such a significant relationship that the both Jason and Olivia will be able to create a material security within the boundaries. They crave it, need it and are able to give each other the support needed. They have similar feelings within the relationship they have. And not much can rock the boat if they’ve set up a good foundation. However, because of the bond shared this could lead into getting trapped into the relationship simply because they do know each other too well and have such need to keep hold of possessions. However, this does not mean that the relationship won’t be secure. Both parties need to make sure they handle their cool during stressful times and remember both sides need space to grow as individuals. Power plays within the relationship could happen if communication goes south.


The love they share:
This isn’t a couple based on overly passionate love, but more of an affectionate one that leans towards an intellectual level. This love came out of nowhere for the both of them and they share intense feelings for each other. They need to give each other enough room to be themselves as well as being apart of a team they’ve become. This love they found has changed something between the two of them. Has helped them become better and given the impression that freedom is the key when strengthening the bonds of this love. There’s an understanding however, I’ll leave this one warning. Sometimes the heart should speak in order to quite the overly thoughtful mind.




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