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By: Alex



I was watering my yard this afternoon when a woman I know asked me for a cup of hot water so she could make some soup. I think of her as being “semi-homeless”. She was very confused and upset because she had just been thrown out of her living situation for the third time in a year. She had been prepared the first two times, but not this time. Obviously she was very tired of all this.


It was pretty clear to me what was going on, so I explained to her that when people have situations that keep repeating in their lives, it is because of something that happened in their past or past lives. The universe operates through the law of cause and effect, but what people don’t know is that all the causes are within each one of us, and they act like magnets to create these situations in our lives.In order to become free of this situation, she has to remember and release the original traumatic event (the cause) that is lodged in her subconscious mind that is creating this situation (the effect).


I told her that she should do this affirmation – “I am now releasing and healing everything within me that causes me to keep getting thrown out of my living situation in my present life.” This affirmation will literally dredge up whatever past life experiences have created this pattern in her that she keeps repeating. I told her that these memories might be painful or difficult to acknowledge, and that it could take weeks, months or years to get to the bottom of her situation, but she was so tired of repeating this situation that for her to go through karmic dredging would actually be a lot easier.


She said she would start doing the affirmations this evening, and I am hopeful that she will actually do them and work towards freeing herself from having to go through this over and over again. I don’t normally interject when people have problems like this but she seemed like she was ready for a change. And if you have read what Tony Robbins said about leverage, well, she just handed that to me on a plate. She was ready to hear something new and ready to take action to improve her situation.


So, we will see what happens. I am writing about this in a blog article because it seemed like a very dramatic example of the law of karma in action, and I thought this would be a good opportunity to present it to other people who might be able to use it.


I have been using this affirmation, or different forms of it, for the last 20 years, and I can say with certainty that it does work. In my particular case, it was “I am now releasing and healing all my past lives and previous karma.” Now that’s pretty broad and pretty deep, but in my case it’s what I needed to do. And it does work. I have gone through most of my past lives that I needed to recall.


You might want to adjust this affirmation, however. If you have money problems: “I am now releasing and healing everything within me that causes me to have money problems in my present life.”For relationship issues: “I am now releasing and healing everything within me that causes me to have problems with relationships in my present life.” And so on.


Another powerful dredging technique is to ask “Where in my past or past lives does this come from?” Whenever you ask your subconscious mind a question, it has to answer. However, the results can be quite shocking and there’s no telling what may come up.


In addition to “release” type affirmations, it is always helpful to affirm the conditions you want to manifest. For example, I will often go to a mirror and say “Wealth, prosperity, abundance.” over and over again (especially when I am tired) to impress the thought of wealth, prosperity and abundance in my subconscious mind. Plant the seeds (in your mind) and they will grow.


In some cases people might have resistance to dredging. Sometimes there are things we have done in past lives that are difficult to acknowledge. This generally manifests as resistance, denial or fear. I can generally tell when I have resistance, but others may not. In that case I would say a psychic can probably help you work through such things and point out some things you might not be able to see. But don’t get discouraged and don’t give up. So good luck and Happy Dredging!



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