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imagesBy: Elly

In my previous post, I discussed Julian Assange and the tenants of Karma. In today’s entry, I’d like discuss Fate. I have read several articles regarding Lady Gaga lately and her belief in Fate.

How did she manage to go from an unknown NYU dropout to the queen of the Monster Ball? Could she have known about her path ahead of time?

It’s impossible to pin down every moment of your future when you speak to a psychic and due to the nature of life, and change, your path may differ greatly even in the course of a week.

You can however use things like psychic and tarot readings to help you along your path. From helping you choose between options offered, to letting you know what opportunities lay ahead.

Could you have a career in store as the next Lady Gaga? Perhaps you’re already established in a career, what could be waiting for you in your love life? Perhaps there’s some news coming regarding your family life.

How much of a role does fate play in a person’s path in life? Today I spoke with some of our Psychics about fate and asked them, “Is Fate certain? Can one maintain or alter their predicted path?”

“Psychics are fine tuners; it’s already up to the person or individual. We tell you what we see and how you can create what you want. Don’t be predisposed to what you want to hear, be open to what you will hear. I always tell my clients, we can tell you it’s going to rain tomorrow, and we can’t tell you if you’re going to wear a rain coat. It’s your choice, and once you understand it’s your choice, you can then decide how you want to proceed. Success is yours, it’s already there, and it’s all in how you perceive it. If you happen to be a spiritual person, god, or whatever you believe in, is always there, it’s always been there, what our job as a psychic is, is to help you find what is there. We don’t create it, we don’t change it, it’s already there.”
Terry, ext 7049

“Fate is an unknown, most people think of Fate as something that befalls them. What one thinks of themselves and the type of life one leads determines one’s fate. In short, we are the creator of our own Fate. Of course, life does not always go the way we want it be careful not to use fat as an excuse.”
Anna, ext 7063

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