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By: Elly

Card Description:
The Magician is also referred to as the Magus or Mage. It is numbered 1 in most Tarot decks, and is shown to be a master of the elements. Red and white are prominent colors in this card, and the Magician wears a crown of the lemniscate (infinity symbol) one hand pointed towards the sky one toward the earth. The Magician has before him one of each symbol from the tarot, a wand, a sword, a cup, and a disk or pentacle. Sometimes one or all of these items are displayed on a table.

Card Mythos:
On his journey, the Magician is the first the fool meets, he mesmerizes the fool and asks for his bindle, which he places upon his table and calling forth the powers of heaven and earth the cloth opens to reveal its contents.

Affixed with a crown of the lemniscate (infinity symbol), this represents the power of thought to manifest one’s desires in life. The Magician provides the Fool with the tools for his journey through life, the sword for communication and intellect, the cup full of love and emotion, the wand for ambition and drive, and the pentacle for will power and work.

It is as if the Magician has shown the fool all of his possible paths through the future, and with the tools provided him the fool sees he can shape his life any way he sees fit, do anything, make anything of himself. It is not known weather he has always possessed these tools, or whether the Magician has provided them to him, only the Magician knows for sure.

Card Meaning:
Fate playing a part in your life, the first steps on a new path, you may have a new idea or vision. Now is the time to begin or move to action on something. Advice or assistance may be coming your way, make sure to take the time to do things right, remember to keep focus and remain on task.

Dynamic, charismatic, skilled, persuasive, clever, witty, and eloquent the Magician can refer to the subject of the reading as they are, or how they wish to be. The Magician could also be a magnetic person currently in their life, or who will be in the future.

Card Associations:
Mercury, Action, communication, conviction, ambition, creativity, manifestation, renewal, consciousness, confidence, personal power, practicality, energy, precision, manipulation, self, objectivity, perseverance, focus, determination, initiative

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