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By: Elly

Card Description:
The Tower, number 16 in the Major Arcana, is depicted as a fiery tower, lightening is striking while one or more figures fall to the rocky shore as the sea rages below. Sometimes there is also a crown on the card, alluding to false superiority.

Card Mythos:
The Fool, in his efforts to escape the devil comes upon the tower, the fortress of ego, along his path. He knows is well as he helped to build it. Inhabited still by men who are overcome by their arrogance, the fool is reminded of his own false bravado. He realizes that he has not seen himself clearly, or the world around him.

Lightening strikes the tower, sending the men still living in it leaping for the sea below. Moments later the tower has been reduced to nothing but a pile of rocks and as the tower has fallen, so have the falsehoods in the fools life. He see’s clearly for the first time. He can now begin to rebuild on bedrock of truth.

Card Meaning:
If the Tower comes up in a spread for Querent, it’s time to for them to reevaluate thier priorities, and the way they see them selves and actions. The Querent is about to have a rude awakening, or change but if they are open to this they will find it far easier a challenge to take on. This will be a time for revelations, and hidden truths coming to light.

Sometimes we can be blinded by the falsehoods we’ve wrapped our core up in to protect it. This can happen out of no where and throw the Querent for a loop. This fall will be a move toward better times and a better life. It won’t be easy to have a sudden tearing down of assumptions, but in the long term, it is for the best and knowing that will soften the blow.

The querent may need to take a leap of faith, it will show what is true and sturdy in their life and beliefs. The querents perceptions may be shattered but they must work through this potential painful situation, because on the other side lies truth and fulfillment. So make sure the querent is ready to accept this radical change and go with it.

Card Associations:
Change, epiphany, disruption, surprises, chaos, crisis, anger, letting go, bottoming out, falling from a great height, illusions being shattered, finding answers, upheaval, sudden insight or revelations, being taken down a peg, dramatic reversal of fortune, a necessary difference, false or misplaced beliefs will come crashing down.

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