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wheel of fortune
By: Elly

Card Description:

This card shows the wheel of the goddess Fortuna, turning clockwise with people, or animals falling from/climbing it. Atop it there is sometimes perched a sphinx holding the sword of discernment, representing balance in the face of constant fluidity.

It also usually features the word “TARO” and the four suits represented in any given deck; Wands, Cups, Discs/Pentacles, and Swords (all of which can be found on the magicians table). Also of note are alchemical symbols and frequently, Hebrew symbols as well.

According to Wikipedia, The letters on the wheel were intended by Waite to mean “Rota Taro Orat Tora Ator,” which he “translated” (this term used loosely) to: “The Wheel of Taro[t] speaks the Law of Ator [Hathor, or Love]”

In the four corners there will be figures, usually a bull, an eagle, a man, and a lion each having an open book. These will mean different things going by different traditions but they can be viewed as four fixed signs of the zodiac (Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, and Scorpio), the four gospels, the seasons, or the four angels of the apocalypse.

The mythos of the card:

The Major Arcana is also viewed as a life’s journey through the character of the Fool, (which is “zero” in the Major Arcana) and the challenges he will face. This card represents the introduction of random chance into the Fool’s life, which, can hinder or help him. He finds that all the good things he’s done in life seem to be returning to him three fold, reinforcing the concept of “What goes around, comes around.”

Card Meaning:

This card usually represents luck, change, or the Karmic cycle, a turning point. This card also symbolizes movement of fate, unexpected developments, life cycles, possibilities, abundance, and approachability. Usually a sign of positive change, or the end of a bad situation, it can have negative connotations. This will depend on the tone of the reading in general and the reader’s intuition.

Poor becoming rich or vice versa, this card can represent a lesson to be learned about your Karma and objectivity. If the querent is on their way down the wheel then they have to face up to something and learn from that, until they do the wheel will keep finding a way to try to teach its lesson.

The querent must keep an open heart and mind to receive life’s good fortunes, and lessons. The querent’s actions have placed them on the path they are on now, though the wheel injects seemingly random chances or opportunities into their life and they can not control the wheel, ultimately they will be the one responsible for the outcome.

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