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By: J. Nighteagle



A Totem is a symbol representing an animal, being, or object that reminds people of their family, clan, tribe or group spirituality. If the clan is non – human, it is called a totem.



Domesticated animals (cats and dogs for example) can be totems however it is more likely to have a wild animal as a power guide, or a totem; domestic animals are already in service to humanity. Most people have more then one totem, actually several as gained throughout life. The first guide being first a teacher, then a protector in life. Totems come into your life when needed; you cannot manifest a totem by desire, they come when a lesson is necessary to teach one about themselves and a guide to other power totems (the first being the most important to the journey).


Totems can be mammals, birds, fish or insects. To find a totem consult a shaman, to discover these guides or totems ask for a dream; or ask for your totem to show itself to you (in meditation or prayer) through appearance in life, in dreams or in your activities of daily life.


Within the next few months I will go through a portion of the meanings and lessons of some of the power animals, guides or totems one by one.


First up: The Hawk


The Hawk as a totem is protector in the way of being able to see at a distance. They have the best or most keen eye sight of all animals. As a totem the Hawk represents the ability to see into the future, or how the present relates to your future. The hawk can see movement even at a great distance. Hawk represents opportunity, and is also a kin to Mercury as the messenger of the gods or Great Spirit.


Hawk medicine teaches us to be observant and to look at our surroundings; Observe the obvious in all you do and how it applies to the future. When a hawk enters your dreams or your life it means a very important message is entering or about to enter your reality.


Hawk as a totem is a clue, or messenger of the magic of life that is being brought to you. Also, the Hawk as a totem can give the power to overcome a stressful or difficult situation. Hawk is also called the messenger of the sky.


Observe the obvious, life is sending you a message.

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