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By: J. Nighteagle



Staff Note: Over the past 2 months our new in house blogger J. Nighteagle has been teaching us a bit about totems. This series is awesome and we thank him for taking the time to teach us about the meaning behind animal totems. There’s been a lot of buzz and compliments coming in about the series and we thank you all for your excitement and are happy you are enjoying the series as much as we are.


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This week her teaches us about The Deer as a totem and what it represents.


The Deer represents gentleness. The deer has clothed and fed humanity for many, many generations and is directly responsible for the migratory patterns of our ancestors (not only for food, but also where water is). It is difficult to think of another creature giving more to man.


If the deer has entered your life as a totem it is considered to be a great gift to you. The Deer teaches us that being gentle and having a loving and feeling spirit has the power to touch the hearts of all. In most societies, strength is viewed as being prepared for anything and being able to handle it and succeed.


Power is demonstrated by being able to defend against all threats, however, as human beings the deer reminds us that gentle nature is the most powerful force; it gives the ability to touch the hearts of wounded and frightened souls. Power may be on a governmental level and represented by strength and as human beings we respond to aggression by suspicion and  defensiveness.


People respond to genteelness with trust and a good feeling and for this reason the Deer is a totem of healing. The Deer as a totem is advising you to approach a seemingly impossible situation with genteelness, understanding, and empathy (this includes ones self); and the answer or procedure rather then by force. The answer you require may be right in front of you.




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