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By: J. Nighteagle




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Part 2: The Butterfly



The Wolf is the totem or symbol of family and intelligence; he is called the great teacher. He is considered to have taught man everything about survival. A wolf knows or learns where traps or hunters are in the wild, if he crosses a path where traps or man is, he will never cross that path again; he learns and retains knowledge. The wolf is not likely to make mistakes or allow mistakes to occur. He is also called the path- finder.



A wolf must have the correct environment to flourish; The message is environment When the wolf appears as a totem, first it is telling to get your point of power or environment in order. Your environment must be decorated in your way, you colors, spiritual objects, sounds, and smells; sense your environment is your point of power you must feel very positive there, comfortable and conducive to meditation and prayer (what ever type).



Where family is concerned the needs of the group or pack always out weigh the need of the individual however if one member of the pack is causing a problem to the other creatures, they will put him out and not allow him back in.


This to humans would amount to eliminating disturbances with in you life; with out hesitation or bargaining (which we humans do a lot) A wolf is a survivor (as a squirrel or crow) and has been oppressed in many ways all over the world (due to ignorance), but survived. This is a part of the message he brings to all; intelligence and knowledge are the key.



Man has wiped out a lot of species, and imposed themselves on land that certain creatures have called home, for generations. Man has almost completely wiped out the buffalo herds that have roamed this land for hundreds of generations.


Migratory paths that have been in existence for millennia, to help birds, fish, bees, butterflies, geese, and humming birds find their way to food, and the correct weather to breed, are being changed and destroyed at an unnatural pace.



A lot of these wrongs can be changed and corrected to a certain extent; through respect of our world, the creatures and plants that provide for our needs. As our mother; Mother Earth.




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