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By: J Nighteagle



Staff Note: Over the past month our new in house blogger J. Nighteagle has been teaching us a bit about totems. This series is awesome and we thank him for taking the time to teach us about the meaning behind animal totems. There’s been a lot of buzz and compliments coming in about the series and we thank you all for your excitement and are happy you are enjoying the series as much as we are.


If you missed any of the past articles in this series you can check them out by clicking the direct links below. -Foretell Staff


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The eagle is considered the highest or one of the highest of animal totems. The spiritual symbol of the eagle represents a lot of different things; courage, honor, and warrior spirit. However, the eagle has always been the symbol of a great spirit or higher power.



A very majestic creature, he has almost been hunted to extinction. Pesticides that we use on our food crops cause the eggs that eagles lay to be weak and most do not survive. The electric wires all over this country, wind mills, wells, chair lifts all over the mountains, these all affect them. We as human beings can not change the past but, learn from it.



As I explained, the eagle represents god or great spirit, also freedom, independence and the human right to freedom of belief or religion. This fact may be due to the eagle flying highest of all birds (closer to Great spirit) the eagle has no natural threats except for man. He has been the subject of countless pieces of art, music, and literature.



The eagle also represents the highest of honor and bravery. When eagle appears in your life as a totem or in a reading it is a great honor and a greater obligation. When he appears spiritually, he is saying it is time to use your faith, in daily life difficult situations, the faith that brings you pleasure in family and environment. The obligation is that the symbol is telling you or reminding you to do the right thing no matter what; honorable in deed and reputation. We can not forget the eagle has been the symbol of many countries and portrayed on many flags (for the reason of strength and honor).



Every gift or trait has an obligation or it means nothing. An eagle is a wonderful parent, a very skilled hunter. Both males and females play an equal roll in the raising of the family and usually mates for life. He is also telling you to develop courage and faith because you are being presented with a great gift in your spiritual life and in your earth walk.


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