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By: J Nighteagle



Staff Note: Over the past month our new in house blogger J. Nighteagle has been teaching us a bit about totems. This series is awesome and we thank him for taking the time to teach us about the meaning behind animal totems. There’s been a lot of buzz and compliments coming in about the series and we thank you all for your excitement and are happy you are enjoying the series as much as we are.


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Today: The Dragonfly.


The Dragonfly as a totem represents illusion. The symbol of the dragonfly appears in literature, art, and music and continues to be associated with creativity. The iridescence of the wings of dragonfly take an individual to a place of colors not found in the activities of daily life.


In mythology the dragonfly was once a very powerful dragon who possessed great magical powers. He was tricked by the trickster (coyote) into demonstrating his great magic; he then changed himself into the dragonfly and could not change back.


The dragonfly plays a very essential role in native American and Celtic spirituality and mythology and is represented in many forms of craftsmanship as well as many types of art and music. Dragonfly tends to be the main totem of musicians, artists, luthiers (guitar makers, or stringed instrument crafts men), actors and actresses, and jewelry makers.


Even though the dragonfly represents illusion, as a totem he is telling you to look beyond illusion and realize that reality must be present to create illusion; did you forget to feed your fish? Do you need to put on a couple of pounds or lose the same? Do the children have lunch money? Etc.


Dragonfly rules the elemental universe (fire, water, earth, and air). If the dragonfly has appeared as your totem or guide (people have several totems that disappear and appear when needed or requested). His major message is to be realistic with yourself and others and look beyond illusion in to reality or create and be inspired.


By the art of illusion however be realistic in perception of self and others that you care for. There may be a need to look at yourself in a more realistic way.



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