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By: Lulu Gleason


I’ve heard it said that once you’ve gotten a Tarot deck it starts to connect with the user and ‘speak’ to them. Many of excellent tarot deck readers will tell you that the cards almost become an extension of your psyche. The next card in my segment was a very surprising one. Almost as if my deck wanted to point out the truth behind the words that I heard from others who read the deck professionally. I had many questions lingering in my head as I had spread out my deck of cards and tried to select my next card to write about. I wondered about this experience of learning the Tarot and contemplating the lessons I would learn and the experiences I would take away from the cards. I kept pondering my path and questioning of if I could commit to and see to the end of this project as I spread out my deck and pulled my next card. Low and behold The Nine of Wands appeared.


Card Description: Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

There seems to be a lot going on in this picture. A lone man stands in this card with eight wands up right behind him. He holds the ninth wand in his hand as he watches the rest. There seems to be some kind of bandage on his head and this man looks as if he’s been working very hard and fighting to maintain the wands in the card. There seems to be lush green valley with some hills in the background with the clear blue sky above.


Card Meaning

This is another one of those ‘waiting’ cards. Almost as if my deck is telling me I must wait for the universe to release the answers that I seek. With this card endurance and patience is needed while my project matures. This card is basically telling me that I need to keep going by digging deeply within myself and pushing forward with this because I’ll be able to reap the benefits of this project I’ve undertaken. I’ve been told by other readers that when this card comes up in it could be that the querent won’t let others complete a job, but rest assured no matter how tired or over worked the feelings may be. The completion of everything worked on is there and will soon be ready to finalize.


Key words and associations

Inner Strength, Caution, Defensive, Courage in the face of an attack, and unmovable stability.


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