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By: Lulu G.


I’ve always been one to try new things out and someone suggested that I try this out. This is a personal journey into each card of the Tarot. Hopefully by doing this I’ll be able to understand all of these cards and the meaning behind them. Let’s get this story started by randomly choosing a card by spreading out the deck.


Card of the day – The Hanged Man


First impressions tend to mean a lot to people, and this card could give the impression that something isn’t right. But just hang on there and take a deeper look into the cards. The guy hanging seems to be in a calm state and certainly not what you would expect from a person hanging upside down. Even though his hands are tied behind his back and he’s hanging upside down you see a clear calm in the figures face with light behind his head. Almost as if to tell anyone looking at this card that right now I may look like I’m in trouble but in fact the perception is untrue. Look deeper into what I stand for…


Expect no expectations with this card. Everything seems to be in a state of suspension. Sacrifices are to be made when this card shows up maybe it’s time to give up something and this card is saying that for something new can come in to take it’s place you’ll need some time to really think about it. Sometimes pausing things and taking a good look around you would be the best course of action. Standing back and gaining some perception into an issue so that you can release some of those habits we’ve come by through the years. When this card pops up in a reading its focus is about waiting and gaining some perspective and nothing scary like persecution. Something has ended and yet nothing else has begun quite yet. The cosmic waiting game begins.


The story behind this card is rather simple to tell. Many folks believe it clearly shows the story of Odin and how he sacrificed himself in order to gain the wisdom he apparently had. This man dangles upside down and surrenders all – money, wants, cares, this list can go on. This mans perspective of the world is changing and by hanging he is able to be in between the real world and the spiritual. Eventually this man knows he will need to right himself and be back into the world, but when he does his perception has changed. Things are not the same within his own heart anymore.


Key Words and Associations:
Self Sacrifice, Letting Go, Acceptance, Patience, and A New point of view.



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