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By: Lulu Gleason




So we move into The Seven of Pentacles. You see a man standing with a garden tool looking over some plants with pentacles all clustered within. The man seems to be looking as if he’s truly thinking about his choices. Possibly wondering if he’s chosen the right plants or even foundation. It’s the same look farmers have when inspecting their fields. There’s always a risk in planting your dreams or aspiration and watching them progress. This card opens up possibilities and whispers that we have needs to be met.


Card Description: The Rider-Waite deck tends to be a bit more descriptive about the young man on the card. How he’s treasuring the plants with the pentacles clustered in them. There is an emphasis on money here. However this isn’t to say it won’t affect other aspects of your life. This card is all about the ride you’ve been on and the choices you’ve made in life.


Card Meaning: The Seven of Pentacles makes the suggestion to take a step back and assess your goals in life. They say everyone is on a pathway and this card comes around when reflection is needed. Ask yourself some questions like. What are my goals? Am I making my way towards them? If you find something is stopping you from reaching your aspirations then now is the time to work them out. Make the adjustments so you can meet your goals. Be sure to put the commitment into what you want out of life. Learn from your mistakes and don’t take them so hard. You’ve got the time now before your projects blossom to make any kind of adjustments. Be sure to know you will master whatever it is you apply yourself to.


The reverse meaning of the seven of pentacles is a bit dishearten. It’s when your limits have been found and you’re ready to give up. Disappointment and failure can be felt when this card appears in reverse. Remember those goals we spoke about in the upright position? Well when this card comes in reverse those goals are leading to nowhere. In fact they are just draining you. It could even be a possibility that you still haven’t learned from the past and this is another reason why the disappointment has returned. Take a moment and review your progression. Cut away the ties that will drag you down and keep you in some kind of failure induced coma. Break away and make your negative a positive by applying the lessons you’ve learned into the mistakes you keep making. You’ll soon see that getting away was worth it.



Key Words: Reflection, Evaluation, Starting to see some results, opening up to new strategies, at a crossroad.


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