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By: Lulu Gleason



So on this journey I’ve come to realize that certain things happen for certain reasons. Perhaps it’s the guidance we all seek or perhaps it’s guidance we don’t really seek but are given anyway. Almost like the advice we get from our parents. Sometimes when life hands you the hardest things to cope with we start to feel unsure of ourselves without the needed push to go above and beyond. Isn’t that what parents are suppose to do? Push their children out in the world with all the knowledge they can possibly instill?  What does this all mean? Well it’s leading up to my next card, The Emperor.


Card Description: Card from the A.E Waite Deck

So here is the card that at first glance just looks like some old guy sitting on a throne. He’s got a crown, golden scepter and he’s sitting on a throne. The throne looks sturdy and has ram head sculptures on the back of the chair and on the arms itself. In the background are high mountains and dusk setting in the skies above. He’s got a skeptical gaze and an air of authority. You can tell he’s been there, he’s done that. And just like most fathers the best source of advice during some of life’s hardest battles.



This card basically is the ‘father of the deck’. He’s the grounding authority that comes up in readings to offer advice or to point out someone who fits this role in your life. When this card usually shows up in a reading we get an instant grounding effect. This card tries to remind you that sometimes going out there and actually doing what is needed is the best course of action especially when we are unsure of what is going on. Realize your own inner strength and motivation and become the leader this card knows you can be.


So what does this mean to me? Well since I pulled this card while trying to figure out the next card in this segment. I happened to be thinking about this task that I have brought on to myself. If I was going the right direction, would I learn anything from this process? With this card I’ve come to realize that yes I am going down the right path and yes I’ll learn much as well as find the inner strength to over come any obstacles that may come into my path while going down this road.


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