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By: Lulu G.



So it’s that time of year again where there seems to be an abundance of chocolate, flowers, and the hope of blossoming love is abundant. So with this in mind I turn to the Lovers card in my deck. The most interesting thing about this card is not the meaning behind it so much but where it is placed in the reading. Also weather or not the card is in reverse or in the regular position.


The A.E Waite definition of this card talks about the meaning behind the many visual aspects of the card. How in a relationship everything starts off pure and good but then falters when ‘honeymoon’ stage starts to wear off. This card lets you know that in you as the person who pulls this card must make the best of what comes within your relationship. This card represents relationships and the choices within those relationships. Where it is in the reading itself give some indication of either an existing relationship or a coming or a relationship. It can also mean the temptation of the heart and some choices of potential partners. Often times there’s a type of sacrifice that needs to happen by making a choice of a relationship. This card indicates to not take that decision lightly. Some major key words for this card are love relationships, romance, unions, passion and pleasure.


When you see the lovers card in reverse this can indicate some troubles relating to someone else within a relationship or in making a decision about your relationship. It could also indicate that you’re looking for love and just simply not finding it. You might have an ideal lover in mind and you pressure those around you to fulfill your ideal. But they will not be able to fulfill it. There could be a period of lack of chemistry or indicate a sexual relationship like a friends with benefits arrangement. This card in reverse could also indicate a relationship where you have feelings but the other person may not share those intense feelings back. Communications with others could be affected and attempts to connect may be leading towards misunderstandings and disagreements. When this card is in reverse all the positive aspects of this card seems to go the other way. It can also mean poor decisions or having indecisive tendencies in love and can be the feeling of regret or guilt that brings this card forward in reverse in a reading.


A lot of times when you see this card in a reading it would be a good idea to find out where it is in the spread and what issues are you asking about. Are you already in a relationship? Or just simply looking to find out when a relationship will happen. Should you find this card in a past position, this could indicate the foundation of the current situation within your relationship. It could also indicate past love or represent your parents (if you are young). If you find this card in a present position within the reading usually indicates a potential relationship coming and coming fast. You might already know who this person is or it’s on the verge of coming. Either way this card in the present position usually indicates that the relationship coming will be one of potential transformation in all aspects of your life – positive or negative. Should you find this card in a future position and you are single it means that it’s a time to go out into the world and start dating. Always make sure you have a clear mind of what it is you want before trying to find a bonding with another.


Even though this card indicates a relationship is coming it also tells you to be clear about what it is you want and make sure you send out the energy you wish to get back. If you are not single this could mean you’re having issues within your current relationship and another person may come in giving you the ‘it’s always greener on the other side’ type of syndrome. Here is where more of those love choices comes into play and it will be up to you as to the decisions you decide to undertake. There will be some choices to make about a relationship and you need to find the focus in order to make a clear choice. Love has a tendency of blurring the lines and this card tells you love is coming and you need to make sure you have a clear idea of what it is you want. And as always be careful of what you wish for.




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