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By: Alex



A few days ago Kat, (one of Foretell’s psychics) went to visit her nephew, who lived in another part of town. During her visit, he told her about a strange incident that had him rather concerned. It seems that in the morning he discovered a plate on the counter in the kitchen that had a partially made sandwich: two pieces of bread, some lettuce, cheese and mayonnaise. The thing was, neither he nor his son would eat that kind of sandwich – so where did it come from?


During the discussion that followed, it was postulated that since the sandwich was the type that Kat’s mother would have eaten, it might have been made by her. But how? Kat’s mother had been dead for almost five years.


Kat’s mother was really angry that her house had been taken over (not to mention completely changed around) by someone else. She was really attached to her house and wanted it back. However, she was also in denial about the fact that she was no longer among the living.


What Kat’s mother really wanted was to be with her husband, who had passed on years before. Unfortunately, she was stuck. Her anger and denial kept her from letting go and moving on.


How do you help someone in this kind of situation? Both Kat and I tried talking to her mother. Kat got an angry tirade back: “You have no idea what I’m feeling!” I got a few violent gestures but not much else. I think she listened to me but I’m not sure how much of it actually sunk in.


I thought about sending Reiki to her, but from what Kat told me, you can’t send Reiki to dead people because they are not able to receive it.


In the end, after consulting with Kat, I called in another psychic that Kat had worked with years before. Her name was Lucretia, and she also had died a few years ago. Kat had told me that Lucretia was the one she had called in to help her father pass over when he was dying and holding on for days on end. Kat’s mother had finally asked Kat if she knew anyone who could help him. Kat called Lucretia, who promptly showed up and said “Come on, let’s go” and off they went.


I explained to Lucretia what was going on. I got the feeling of a chopping motion on my left side. “Yes, that’s very good: cutting the ties” I said, but Lucretia never gave any indication about whether she was going to help Kat’s mom.


Kat told me later that if Lucretia decides to do something, she just does it and there’s no dillydallying about it. That certainly fit. A little while later I felt a very sad presence. It was Kat’s mother. I think she was coming to say goodbye. I told her we would always love her and that she needed to let go. She was still angry I think but at least she was moving on.


Finally, I also called upon one of my previous teachers, Dr. Verna Aridon Yater, a tremendous psychic, healer and trance channel. I had been in many of her workshops over 20 years ago. Verna had an incredible ability to work with people who were in denial or had very deep issues, and I thought maybe she could help Kat’s mom work through some of her feelings, if that was possible.


Hopefully, Lucretia and Verna will help Kat’s mother to forgive, release, and let go of the things that she is so angry about. This will allow her to let go of her house and finally to be with her husband, who is probably playing golf somewhere on a golf course none of us have ever seen.


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