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Libra – Sex and Astrology

In the seventh position of the zodiac, bearing the symbol of the scales is associated with nature and justice. Libras are good at judging character, and generally have large circles of friends. Libras appreciate manners, even-handedness, harmony, and peace. In their relationships, Libras are very devoted, caring, and sympathetic. A natural mediator, a Libra would do well in a position in politics, or law. Though they are very social and logical, they can sometimes be selfish wanting their own way in spite of any thing else, and take great offense to criticism.
Common Characteristics of Libra: Popular, arrogant, charming, social, balanced, successful, fair, diplomatic, changeable, idealistic, gullible, graceful, daydreamers, affectionate, adaptable, talented, peaceable, intuitive, flirtatious, kind
Ruling Planet: Venus   Color association: Purple, violet   Birthstones: Opal, pearl

LIBRA: The natural partner who’s always so eager to please. Just something about this sign is so attractive mostly because there’s a wide variety of beauty connected to the scales. They have wide interests so they can pull up any type of topic to cater to their mates. There’s also a very fragile ego, so make sure you reassure and show appreciation to your Libra lover’s good taste. An easy sign to get along with and they tend to want to please their partners. Sex is an art so sexy time needs to be created in the right environment. This means beautiful things, exploring pleasures and flattery towards the scales is going to get you far.

Women: She’s a flirt, charming, and when she smiles it will light up her entire face. She demands romance and attention to the seductive details. She’s in love with the idea of love and for that moment it’s you.

Men: The refined gentlemen who has an eye for beauty. They are good at balance so give and take is something he’s more than prepared to do in the bedroom. He’s turned on by the mental idea of sex more so then driven by lust.

Lover’s Bonus: The romance machine of the zodiac. The scales can mirror wants and desires to insure that their partner is satisfied but the more conventional turn-on’s are always a sure signal to go. It doesn’t take much to please Libra and their unpredictability when it involves some great sexy time. Always remember when dealing with the scales your dealing with the ladies and gentlemen of the zodiac so keep it classy. To set the mood light some candles and burn incents like lavender, jasmine, or rose.

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