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By: Erin



Lucky number 7. In the seventh position of the zodiac, Libras bear the symbol of the scales. They are, by nature, great decision makers because of their even-handedness and are very logical. Libras are also great judges of character and because of this are very well liked and usually have a large social circle. Libras can adapt to pretty much any situation or surrounding they are thrown into and own it.


This all goes for their style too. Let’s look at it this way… The Scales: One side is the sexy siren, the other side is the modest maiden. Libras find the perfect balance between the two at all times. Let me break it down for you.



Every Day Look:
I chose celebrity Libra and style icon Gwen Stefani as an example of the perfect look for the every day Libra female. The typical Libra lady is all about looking glamorous and sexy – but comfortable. Libra women are natural fashionistas because they have that balance of the scales working in their favor so they tend to always make great fashion choices. The typical outfit for the every day Libra female would be a comfortable pair of dark, form-fitting trousers, and a light, open blouse maybe with a pattern… and shoes; when it comes to shoes, Libras will almost always choose a pair of pumps, wedges, or high heels over a pair of flats. Gwen’s look definitely says “I feel comfortable, sexy, and I’m rocking it!”



Libras are very creative. When it comes to accessorizing they get to show their creativity by the pieces they choose. Take Leo’s for example, they are all about the bling – sequins, diamonds, glitter, etc. Libras like to take the non-traditional route with their accessories and will often choose ones that are more realistic and compliments their outfit. When it comes to handbags, for a night out on the town you will most likely see a Libra woman with a small clutch matching her outfit and around town they like oversized handbags (usually faux designer) because Libras are all about looking stylish but being frugal. Quadrupal-threat Christina Milian is the perfect example of a Libra women’s choice in jewelry. Like most girls, they enjoy pearls, diamonds, and all of the above, but Libra women like to tip the scales by adding eccentric jewelry pieces to their outfits when the time is right.



Night On The Town:
It’s time to dance the night away and as a Libra woman, you know you want to look sexy and stylish but with all that dancing you are going to want to make sure you are going to be comfortable and there won’t be any unfortunate wardrobe malfunctions. Typically choosing a short, strapless dress with a floral pattern and peep-toe heels, ensures they can’t go wrong. Catherine Zeta-Jones shows is the perfect example of a Libra lady ready for a night out. At the premier of Rock Of Ages, this Libra leading lady proves she’s the star of the show by wearing a short, sheer, form-fitting dress with a black floral design that leaves one arm bare and the other semi-covered so that she is turning heads but it’s not over the top for the occasion. Her black, strappy, peep-toe heels matched with the length of the dress is ideal for a Libra woman because they like to show off their athletic physique. A+.




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