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By: J Nighteagle




Symbolized by the Scale and ruled by Venus, Libra’ s respect justice and always seek balance. Romantic, peaceful, and focused on sharing as well as partnership, your lucky day is Friday. Overcome your natural tendency to vacillate. Make your decisions and start projects on Fridays whenever possible to assure success.


Springs earliest days find emphases in your health sector. Select a program of exercise and health care to assure wellness all year. Mars is powerfully aspected, pay great attention to when the Sun is in your fellow cardinal signs. Prepare for some heavy competition. Direct energy constructively and keep trying. Professional aspirations are very important. Pursue a goal which nurtures your creativity and spiritual needs, while weighing financial concede rations.


May 27- June 20 studies will progress well, also return to old haunts or try past life regression. Midsummer’s Day is perfect for releasing old patterns and making plans to journey onward and upward on many levels. August; Although you usually dislike being alone, a trend finds you tending to withdraw for some solitary reflection. Avoid large crowds and groups at this time.


August ends on a bright note, It will usher in a cycle of great happiness. Reach out to those you care about, visit an art display, or complete creative projects. Through September remember to get your facts strait. Get all the facts before acting. Patience is a must. Call ahead before embarking on a journey. Through All Hollows you’ll express ideas eloquently and have a special ability to solve problems by compromise.


From Nov 5 – 23 your house of finance and earning power is emphasized Innovation and sudden opportunities add to your income. At thanksgiving you will have much to be grateful for. As December begins the cosmic benefits bless your home and family life. Make decisions about your living arrangements and real estate investments. Entertain at home and decorate your dwelling lavishly for Yule.


January is all about your favorite subject, romance. Pursue a new hobby: Focus on what true love means to you. A relative may need assistance, a building can require maintenance. Take sensible safety precautions. February finds a trend of partnership. Partnership, promises, and propriety are a focus. You may be drawn to study law and ethics on some level.


From Valentine’s Day through the end of March you are in a cycle that favors creative work, time spent with children and declaring your love. As for March be tolerant of others idiosyncrasies as winter wanes. Reconsider business decisions. Treasure the bird in hand over the one in the bush.





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