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By: Nancy


The Angels say they do not visit the other planets in the universal hemisphere but God does often, he says there are many planets where human life has started by him placing it there as he’s a God to create this in time, there is no way to travel to the outer limits and should never be but some are often reincarnated there to two places in addition to Mars and Jupiter, those are planets that do have life that’s not the same as human life. The planets where life is created as a human world are far away so far no one can ever spot them on a plane map for the air space says God who I am writing for now to give the answers about life in the whole world. The two other human life planets are way up in the corner of an astral map about five hundred zillion kilometers further than the last star an astronaut could see flying by in a space ship to the moon or near there. The planets were formed one hundred years ago for human life as back up planets for the overcrowded earth as some are reincarnated there to another spiritual life world that does not always turn the same, its a different pace entirely, they are not that primitive as it’s flattened out and warmer than the earth. They are chosen as couples to reincarnate together and many may try to find them when the right equipment makes it possible to see that far. The light around the sun is glistening upon them and they are chosen to be in flight to each other as they are ten miles in distance by a great long grade in the crevice of that continent that long narrow and not as wide as the earth. It’s revolving around two other planets near there and they are the light such as the sun does have on earth, they are in orbit and in flight are many Angels to spread the words out across the Universe that there are humans living far away on other planes too far too see for now but later they may be the right equipment as the Angels are informed by this.
Today I asked do Angels fly to other planets such as Mars and Jupiter? And I wondered if those planets have their own Angels as my readings have said there is life on Mars and Jupiter, different than human life. On one Planet they are very tall and the other they are tiny so I was wondering if they have their own Angels there? I started channel writing to find out the answers and Gods explained there are humans on another plain to save the earth from over crowdedness as by reincarnation there needs to be more room. The Angels are saying they will see the new human place and reveal some information so we may know in this New Year of Two Thousand and Nineteen as their lights are shining on the earth surface to mesmerize the citizens with glowing showers of their Angel Rays for positive direction in energy for life on earth.



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