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By : Nikki Savage


Sometimes the universe likes to see if we really understand its lessons.  I just recently wrote about listening to signs, trusting our intuition.  Specifically, I recounted a time I didn’t trust signs because they didn’t seem to fit what I decided they would look like.  You can go back and read it if you like here.


Anyways, today was a beautiful fall day.  And it was Halloween.  I had a limited amount of time and wanted to be in nature.  I ended up at an old cemetery that I’ve always found beautiful and the idea of being with death on the day the veil separates life and death is thinnest seemed somehow right.  I had also seen an Instagram picture someone posted of a piece of a gravestone they had found tossed in a pile of rubbish in the back of a cemetery.  I thought, maybe I would find something and that it would hold some magical meaning.


Well, I walked all around the stone walls.  I found places to come possibly forage for mushrooms and a clean looking nettle patch by a stream.  As I got to the back I saw a mound on the other side of a skinny stretch of the stream.  It was a mound of things thrown from the gravesites.  Probably mostly flowers.  I wanted to check it out.   I had an odd feeling that maybe I shouldn’t.  But on I went.  I crossed the stream and hopped on top of a stack of cut up tree stumps.  I was about 4 feet off the ground.  I felt a sticker bush on me.  It felt like it pulled me back.  I thought, maybe that is a warning.  But then my want for something magical intervened and I actually thought in my mind, “Well if that was a warning not to go on, why would this branch be placed perfectly where I can use it to cross the space between the next set of stumps?”


I ignored my intuition and grabbed the branch which promptly broke and sent me crashing down in between the two piles of tree stumps.  I’m over 40.  I will be feeling this for a few weeks I imagine.  But the visual I conjured of me falling and people watching in the houses around the cemetery had me crying laughing.  I got up and actually thought for a second that I couldn’t go through all that and not see what was on the mound.  Then I thought, whatever sign is next could seriously injure me (if I wasn’t already).  I laughed again at myself and turned back.  The universe likes that tough love.  And I like the idea of not being in more pain.


As I walked, okay limped, back through the cemetery, I thought of how I needed to be a little more gentle with myself and listen to my quiet leadings.  I just wrote about it after all.  Why was I so stubborn?  As I decided I would incorporate a quiet time, preferably in nature, to connect daily with my higher knowing, a deer appeared.  A clear sign of gentleness and grace.


As I drove to the store, I felt led to stop at another old cemetery on the way to the store.  I wasn’t really sure what I was hoping to see.  The trees were in their fall glory, so I knew any walk in that beauty couldn’t hurt.  I saw a gravestone with an intricately carved flower from the 1800s.  I thought of how I had hoped to find that flower discarded in a pile of rubble.  Seeing it on the stone made me realize how messed up that thinking was.  It belonged with whomever it was created for.  I felt even more at peace with heeding the clear signs and honoring my tradition.


But still, I silently asked the universe, being Halloween and all, if maybe I could have a sign to know that this was what I needed to learn today.  And also that I wasn’t bat-shit crazy.  I found a pair of tombstones with my maiden name on them.  At the base of one was a perfectly pulled tuft from what looked like the end of a fox’s tail.  The fox was the first sign I ignored from my grandfather in my previous story on signs.  The universe obliged.  And I vow to honor my intuition forevermore.


Do you have a story of a time the Universe tested you with lessons you thought you already understood?  How have you learned to trust your intuition?




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