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By : Nikki Savage


There is nothing more beautiful you can be than your authentic self. It was what you were made to be. It is that simple.  And that complicated.
We all seek meaning and purpose in our lives. Unfortunately, so many of us are locked into what  that meaning and purpose is supposed to look like. We’ve all been told what a successful one of us should look like. And we spend a lot  of  time  and money trying  to get  to where we are  supposed to be.  How can the world know our purpose in life? How can the world  know  who we  are supposed to be when we, each alone,  are the only one of us there is?


That realization can be terrifying or liberating depending on the light we receive it in. When we realize  that no one can tell us our path, not truly. Some can help us find it. And some can’t. No one knows what  we are supposed to  be.  They can’t know. Only we can.


Somewhere deep in our hearts we have always known our Truth.  At  different times and places in our lives I’m sure we  all have honored   and   ignored it. We  have  had  times we have listened  to our  heart  because  we  knew we couldn’t live with ourselves if we didn’t.  And we have  all had  timesthat we’ve  quieted our heart’s  song  so we  could try  to make  something  that  didn’t  fit  us work.  Because  we  thought  it was the right thing to do. We have  all done  things that we  knew  weren’t true to us because it was easier than disappointing another.  And sometimes on our path we  feel like if we could just deaden that feeling that we were meant for something else, we could  be  content  with what we have.


We allow  the opinion of others, well meaning  or not, to shape us.  Sometimes  contort  us.  All the while  our inner  guide whispers,  “Follow me instead.”  When we finally listen to our own  good counsel,  we   remember  ourselves.  And in that space  we  remember how it is  to  just be ourselves. Our sole purpose. Our soul’s purpose.

“The Soul is its own purpose and end.” ~ Thomas Moore



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