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By: J Nighteagle



The Aura itself is composed of a complex network of fine energy threads, or lines of light, which are structured like fibers of a feather. It is because of the similarity of structure in the way the fibers lie in relation to one another, that the Indian shaman used feathers as a tool for harmonizing and healing of the aura.

Sickness was looked upon as disharmony or malfunction within the aura and may have resulted from or been cause of misalignment of the auric energy field. Healing took place through manipulating the energy threads back into alignment. The saying “Having your feathers ruffled” ( meaning that one feels aggrieve or irritate ) is more then a colorful colloquialism. It is describing a lateral fact. Ones auric fibers ones “feathers” of energy  – have disturbed adversely   Similarly, the expression of being “ torn apart”is a vivid distribution of aura fibers being lateral  torn sunder-pulled under-and as would be the case with a birds feather, unable to properly support the body.


The aura is egg shaped and like a balloon, extends in front of and behind the physical body, above the head and below the feet. So imagine yourself – the individual, independent intelligence that is within you – as an astronaut contained within the egg- shaped capsule. Through this capsule you are able to observe the reality that is happening all around you, you experience it through the use of various facilities and vehicles at your disposal. We will call these vehicles “bodies” which are actually like sheaths for the consciousness to experience different realities.


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