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By: Nancy


The wind was howling in the night and I could hear my spirit guides as I do too many sounds they channel to me. Another one who’s an Indian Guide I hear by the sound of a far-off train as its never a dull moment being clairaudient receiving information by many different sounds as a barking dog sends the words of God by them as ducks flying overhead as a flock of seagulls to doves singing in a tree where I am sitting I am receiving clairaudient information from my sound readings, to the sound of music or water dripping or a loud engine going by something that’s amazing as a miracle that no one else can hear but the ones saying their messages through  their heavenly realms on earth like a veil of light net between their spirit guide world and humans. I find it fascinating to receive communication this way. The wind howling away may sound scary but listening for important channel information is what I ended up doing last night and I thought great channeling by the wind in this location where I live.


I developed my psychic ability as a child laying in beds when I awoke to listen to doves cry, I had my imaginary friends around me and fairy’s I said I could see in the plants. An enchanting magical world to me felt normal and I relied on my intuition naturally, come to find out that a psychics instincts to know things before they are happening I just took for granted and to hear the sounds of spirit guides channeling information to me as a message or phrase or an answer to a question I have amazes me as embracing the gift of being clairaudient makes it a magical world to live in.


The wind howling I thought the great spot for channeling by the sound of the wind turning it into a positive situation instead of thinking its too noisy to sleep as the rustle of the leaves blowing you can hear the sound of Angels as they communicate this way. Meditating and listening to classical music is a great channeling clairaudient clairvoyant tool to have a clairaudient experience. During my life I had telepathic experiences and when I became a medium clear I became highly telepathic, very clairvoyant and more clairaudient as I had a clairvoyant visions during my life and exact premonition dreams of things occurring before they happened and being spiritually grounded is how I endure the psychic gifts that unfolded to communicate from heaven. It’s never a dull moment with the clairaudient world around and I have found different ways to do this channeling through sound for miracles to know so next time you hear the wind howling around you listen for your spirit guides as they shall tell you an answer you request in your head if you listen.




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