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By: Nikki


I think about energy a lot.  I think of everything in the context of elements and the energy that may arise from their mingling.  How to play with energy and work with energy.


Everything in this world is perceived and processed by their qualities.  And each quality has two extreme expressions and every possible expression in between.  Each quality interplaying with every other quality in the environment, altering the expressions of each other.  And all while everything is in a perpetual state of change.


This is the experience of life.   Balancing all the energies of us within then maintaining that balance within the flow of all the energies surrounding us.   Knowing all energies surrounding us are also present within us to some degree.  Knowing at some point, all is one.  We are affected by the vibrations of the energies around us, sometimes negatively and sometimes positively.  We cannot always control the energies surrounding us.  But we are always responsible for the way we express our own energy.  And I believe taking full responsibility for the energy we express is the first step in moving towards a collective higher consciousness.


I’ve been more mindful about listening to my body.  It usually gives me my first clues as to how the energies at play affect me.  If I feel my guard go up, I look more deeply at the scene.  I go past the gut of my visceral, animal self and move to the heart, the bridge to my higher self.  Here I discern the source of the feeling.  Am I defensive because this is a sore spot for me right now?  Am I defensive because this person is deliberately trying to make me feel small?  Or do I feel defensive because some truth was exposed that I’m not willing to accept?


Once I have my answer, I can respond instead of reacting to the energies at play.  Responses come from a balanced place.  Reactions are more volatile.  And there are places and times for both.  But when I have the time (and the composure!), I like to respond.


Looking at everything as elements and qualities that we perceive, helps me maintain my neutral mind somehow.  Life is the grandest psychological, biological, and spiritual science experiment and I am a willing student of its science.  Oddly this objective approach, that seems like it would be a cold way to go through life,  has offered me the warmth of deep spiritual nurture.  In the separation of self, when I am able to apply it in the moment, I find the space for communion with the divine intelligence of life. And I remember the frequency I hope to resonate with and express in tune with that frequency.  Most often, the tune is love.


I am and always will be a work in progress.  I still hit my low notes.  But I know this practice is my way to understanding and resonating at my highest level.  I thought I would share as maybe it can offer you the same.  Or maybe it will compel you to share how you navigate the energies in our world.  All of us ultimately must find our own way, but sometimes sharing your way offers the inspiration someone needed to find theirs.



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