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By: Lulu Gleason



So Valentines days is coming and we’re all freaking out about what to do, where to go, and what to wear. I can’t hold your hand through the process; however, I can help offer suggestions with the items sold on the website. To take advantage of the items just simply call in or email for more information.


For my final installment we have those deeply emotional and sensitive water signs of the zodiac which include Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.


How to sweep her off her feet: She needs the emotional stimulation but being a crab she’s a bit tougher to get to. Once you’ve made that emotionally connection she’ll do just about anything for you.
How to sweep him off his feet: He likes history and wants to have that with someone. Perhaps make a scrap book of all the things you’ve done together as a gift this year.
What to wear for Him: Opening up is the hardest part but with enough trust in the partner wonderful things will happen. Admit to your partner that you’ve got nothing to hide! I would suggest foregoing the fluffy lacy things and just wear your wickedest pair of heels. Make your skin soft and smooth and wait on the bed.
What to get Her: Try having a intimate dinner at home and remember it’s not what you get her but how you give it. Cancer’s are very comfortable with a home setting.  I would suggest getting the Woman’s Constellation Cancer Romantic Swarovski Necklace presented in a warm generous way… perhaps in front of a lovely fireplace.
What to do: Moonlit walks amongst historical family settings. If the moon isn’t on your side however, I would suggest doing something that will stimulate the senses maybe while at home cuddling you could try running circles around the chest and stomach area. Usually this is the best way to coax cancer in a pleasant mood.









How to sweep her off her feet: Let’s be clear, this woman will do the choosing and even after she’s chosen, don’t expect to have her completely unless you’ve proved you’ve earned the right indefinitely.
How to sweep him off his feet: He needs to share his most profound experiences with the one he loves. The depths of intimacy are something he’s not afraid of. So be prepared for the intensity.
What to wear for Him: They aren’t picky people when it comes to sexy time. But you can catch their attention with a nice peek a boo outfit by letting them undress you with their eyes. Let them mesmerize you in their clutches. Don’t be afraid they don’t bite… hard.
What to get Her: Jewelry is always a great gift idea for a lady and if it has meaning behind it your Scorpio will love it more. Try getting the Woman’s Constellation Scorpio Romanic Swarovski Necklace.  And be creative in how you present it.
What to do: This is not a sign for the more weaker sexes. Intensity is a Scorpio’s middle name. However if your willing to brave this chance at fulfilling your fantasy. I would suggest having or developing a dark witty sense of humor and be prepared to be consumed by this passionate lover.









How to sweep her off her feet: Be prepared for some ruffles and lace. Appeal to her sympathies and you’ll see her open the door to you.
How to sweep him off his feet: The vibes you give off are the most crucial. If he feels you’re just not into him he’ll figure there is no point.
What to wear for Him: Anything really feminine would do nicely. Don’t rush and remember this very important piece of information. The fish loves to escape, so create that ‘faraway’ feeling in the bedroom. It just plays into that fantasy they’ve already created in their mind.
What to get Her: She’s usually a girly girl and what else do you get a lovely girl like her? First things first you’ve got to sweep her off her feet and stimulate some beautiful far away fantasy. Then when she least expects it present her something like the Woman’s Constellation Pisces Romantic Swarovski Necklace.
What to do: Take the strong lead and make sure you get things nicely flowing by maybe testing out how to do a honey massage. Once trust is established try some role playing games and watch your fish develop more of their sexual side. They like wonderful experiences and don’t mind if the sheets get messy in the mean time.









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