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By: Lulu Gleason


So Valentines days is coming and we’re all freaking out about what to do, where to go, and what to wear. I can’t hold your hand through the process; however, I can help offer suggestions with the items sold on the website. To take advantage of the items just simply call in or email for more information.


So, for the next few blogs I’ll be incorporating astrology with love and hopefully brewing a few ideas for you and that special someone on the most romantic day of the year. Because love is usually fiery and passionate, we’re going to start with that group in the zodiac. Fire signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.


How to sweep her off her feet: This vivacious woman needs a direct approach. She will like the chase so be playful in your approach and give her the feeling of having all the power.
How to sweep him off his feet: When this gentlemen sets his eyes on the prize he’ll go bold or go home. Let him chase you a bit with that charm and watch the fires burn brightly
What to wear for him: ladies, I would suggest wearing a curve hugging corset under that hot little black dress. It needs to be something that is pretty to show off your amazing body but still has the endurance to handle all the passion in store for the night.
What to do: This is a very independent sign that’s all about getting to the nitty gritty. Just think a nice dinner, romantic music, good conversation, perhaps even a favorite wine? Aries knows what they’re doing so let them take you on the ride. I promise you will not regret it!
What to get her: This particular sign usually has everything it could want or need because they get it themselves. I would suggest something that’s playful, spontaneous and romantic like the Toppers Casanova Cooler/Picnic Pack for Two.









How to sweep her off her feet: She needs a macho man who can handle her wild cat tendencies. I would suggest making her the center of your world and keep her that way.
How to sweep him off his feet: He wants to play so have some fun. Make sure you look well put together and be willing to stroke his ego as well as that glorious mane.
What to wear for him: Let’s face it; anything Leo puts on it’s going to look beautiful on them. So as a sexy alternative to match them perhaps instead of getting through all the lace and nice things that your lover has already seen, why not try just slipping into some of that jewelry and give the gift of surprise.
What to do: This sign is not picky when it comes to what to do for special events. Just as long as they feel they are getting a lot of attention. Keep distractions out of the bedroom, maybe light a few candles, and remember your roles. Leo men like to dominate and the ladies expect you to make the first move.
What to get her: This is a woman who usually looks top notch pretty much all the time. She’s going to shine for you so make sure you get her something that will make her purr with content. I would suggest the ever beautiful Woman’s Constellation Leo Romantic Swarovski Necklace Jewelry.


How to sweep her off her feet: She can attract any man she wants… Weither she’ll keep you is another story. Be open and honest with her, she’ll make the decision once she’s ready.
How to sweep him off his feet: He’s not overly fond of foreplay but is more than willing to go along with passion. There is no method to his chaos because it’s all about instincts.
What to wear for him: lingerie is something that will most likely get things going where they need to go. Try something new or unique. Nothing will stop Sagittarius once it’s got the juices flowing, any type of distractions will simply be pushed aside and they’ll keep doing what they do best.
What to do: They like to explore so perhaps a nice get a way somewhere they’ve never been before. Try getting a room with a round bed and plenty of room to move about. Candles are usually a great way to set the mood.  Just remember to lay out the cards and be open and honest with them.
What to get her: Play a game of scavenger hunt and leave little clues around the house to feed the adventure she naturally has. When she’s all done looking for the clues you’ve left make the grand prize you with this sweet smelling 4 Candle Gift boxes lit to illuminate the extra fun of personal discovery.



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