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By: Arthur Mavericck




Did you ever ask yourself the question why the word LOVE is so magical for every human being on this earth?The biggest paradox we experience in our life is that as much as we want to love and be loved, somehow it is not easy to experience this most magical gift to be in love and be happy. Why is that?


Before jumping in and sharing with you a couple very powerful tips, I would love to tell you a very short story…


One of my friends has a daughter Kelly. Kelly was born with Down Syndrome. Without going to details, her daughter is undeveloped physically, actually being 30 years of age yet looking around 12 and mostly acting in a sweet and childlike manner.


Every time I see her, what really touches my heart is the purity of energy around her and the naivety with which she express herself.


Out of curiosity one day I looked at her finger tips and in a second realized that this sweet young woman has a School of Love.For some of you who don’t know about hand analysis and specifically schools, schools are determined by identifying the combination of derma glyphic prints on the fingertips. If you are determined to be the School of Love, it shines through you and everything you do has such a special essence of a very strong need to connect to others. You come here to connect, to love, to express your needs and authentic desires.


When I talk to Kelly guess what she asks me all the time “Do you love me?” “Do you like me?” To ask this question so directly and so often and so naturally is not always so easy for the rest of us.What I realize is that a lot of people I meet in my life including lots of my clients are asking this question subconsciously. Why do they ask this question? Because it is so important for them to feel loved and needed.


But what happens to someone when this need is resonating through their being, yet they feel they are unable to openly ask this question to those around them?


They become needy and angry if they don’t feel loved enough. They over do for others by doing so much to try to earn love, hoping that someone is going to tell them how much they are appreciated. They stuff away their own feelings so that they don’t upset their partner; they focus on the other person and neglect their own needs and what’s the purpose of life…


I can go on and on…

How do you think I know this so well?


I had been in this state for a long period time before I got these simple but powerful secrets about love that totally changed my life.


Secret tip #1

Love is the most powerful energy on this earth and to experience this energy fully you need to learn to love yourself first.


Secret tip #2

Your relationship with yourself is the model of how to create relationships with others


Secret tip #3

To create real intimacy you need to allow yourself to show others the real you. Intimacy = into +me + see


There are no other ways around this. By being transparent with your feelings, you create the most powerful bond with other person.


So how do you make love work all the time?

Start from yourself first. Ask yourself those questions you tried to avoid before:

Do I trust myself?

Do I love and value myself?

Do I deserve to be loved?

How do I want to be treated?

Who is my ideal partner? (I deserve the best one)


Try it, start from yourself, don’t hide in the shadow of your old beliefs.

Celebrate by giving yourself and others flowers and give yourself permission to love and be in love.

Share your success with the world!




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