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By: Elly

What is a lucid dream? Any dream where one becomes aware that they are dreaming is a lucid dream. Once the dreamer has realized they are in fact dreaming they may be able to control or manipulate their surroundings, rather than waking up from the dream.

Lucid dreams can be fantastical or reality based, they are usually quite vivid. A lucid dream can come on gradually as one realizes they are in a dream as it takes place, or when a dreamer lapses instantly from waking to dream state while conscious.

This is something that may happen to most people on occasion, or something one may seek out to participate in on purpose. There are many techniques in order to learn to purposely lucid dream. Working on the ability to recall one’s dreams is usually a step in the right directions.

One may want to start a dream journal, immediately after waking up one should document everything they can remember. This helps because recognizing the patterns of one’s dreams can help in recognizing them as such, and in turn being able to control the dream and surroundings.

Another way to figure out if one is dreaming while still within their dream is to do a “reality test.” Text can be very telling, look at some text from a book or website, and look away, when you look at it again, see if it has changed or moved, the same can be done with the time on a digital clock or watch.

Lucid dreaming is perfectly natural, and does not involve any spells, or “dark arts.”
There is nothing “occult” about lucid dreams; they are simply a part of the sleep cycle and dreams. The next time you think you might be in a dream, really take a look around and see if you are!

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