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By: Nikki Savage

As we continue our journey through the Major Arcana, we have met the world with innocent eyes, too open to carry fear.  As fools, we were introduced to the elements that move through the universe.  We begin to understand its ways. Then we begin then to learn how we can be a force of our own.  We are ready to begin down a chosen path.  We learn of our own will as Magicians.  And no sooner than we begin down a path with purpose in the world, we realize that the elements don’t always lend us a hand.  Enter the High Priestess to teach us to pause and remember our interior world. To listen to the universe speaking through our intuition.  We learn to balance our energy equally to the outer, active life and the inner, contemplative life.


Now that the balance of our projective and reflective (masculine/feminine) nature is understood we are welcomed by the mother of the tarot, the Empress.  We are given the nurturing mamma love, the fertile ground to continue to create our way through this life.  Once we understand our dual nature, we must understand how to own all that it can encompass.  She offers us the grace we need to do that work.


In the Celtic Wisdom tarot she is named the Shaper of Growth who offers us her abundance and teaches us how to properly accept it.  The Ogham tree associated with the Shaper is the Hawthorn, a harbinger of spring and rebirth.  Medicinally, Hawthorn berries have been used to strengthen the heart.  Much like a mother’s love.


The Wild Unknown shows a tree light and colorful against a dark night.  The mother holds the space for creation.  She is always there to root into when we need to be held ourselves.  The illuminated tree may be a reminder that we need to pay her a visit if we need the grace of light on an otherwise dark night.



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