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By : Nikki Savage


As we begin our journey through the archetypes of the Major Arcana, we begin the journey of life.  The first archetype we meet is the Fool.  In many decks, the Fool is represented as the Jester, a clown or the Trickster.  In the Celtic Wisdom (Caitlin Matthews) deck, the Fool is known as the Soul.


The Fool card starts at 0 giving it the ultimate power of potential.  And that is just the place to begin the journey.  Open to all possibilities and eager to experience the world with innocent eyes.  The Fool is a grand imaginer, unbounded by the constraints of fear and doubt.   The Fool is like a child who learns through play with no care for the purpose.


In the Wild Unknown (Kim Krans), the Fool is a baby chick, eager to test its wings, with buds of spring further echoing the quality of new beginnings.    In the Celtic Wisdom, the Soul is tapping into its visions and holding space for all a Soul can imagine.  The potential is unlimited.  And it has the first and the last trees of the Celtic Ogham alphabet, the Birch and the Yew.  The Birch represents eternal youth and the evergreen Yew, resurrection.  As the Soul in this life is born into this world with no experience (or at least no memory of the experience) and completely innocent to its ways with no concept of it ever ending.


In readings, this card asks us to look at life with the eyes of a child.  Maybe we have a new journey to begin, maybe it involves taking a risk, something we’ve been feeling is too foolish to try.  Enter the fool to try it.  Or maybe it is simply asking us to find our childlike nature and bring that back into whatever journey we are already walking.


The Fool offers unending wonder and possibilities. But, like all things in this material world, it is polar and so has a downside as well.  While I do not always take note of reversed cards in a reading, I try to understand the whole being of the archetype.  This card can signify that we are being too naive, ignoring legitimate fears, or being too irresponsible or childish in a situation.  When a card is reversed in my readings, I understand it more as I may have the proclivity to fall into the negative patterning of the archetype.  With that I take note to be mindful as I proceed along the path of the Fool and focus on working with the positive manifestation of that energy.


If the Fool has entered your life, ask yourself what new adventures can you begin or what current journey or project may need some youthful energy.  Make sure you aren’t being irresponsible and begin to remember that life is about learning and experiencing.  Children know it, and we innately know this to be true too.  Check your fears for their truth and let go of the ones that are based in fantasy.  Remember to use your powerful, unbounded imagination for good and reconnect with your sense of wonder.  And as the Wild Unknown suggests, be willing to be called a fool.  No one can know for sure what lies along the path until they begin to travel it.  Be guided by your love for the experience and let the journey open itself to you along the way.



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