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major arcana justice

By: Nikki Savage

When we sat with the story of the Tarot last we were riding confidently off in the direction of our dreams upon our trusty steed.  We acted upon our desires and used our will to move towards them.  In doing so, we have set our will and intent out into the universe.  And the universe responds to all of our actions through the law of cause and effect, with Justice.


Everything we do has a karmic effect.  Karma just means action.  And for every action, there is a reaction.  So in setting off with intent, we have started a series of reactions that will come back to us in some way, shape or form.  It is a universal law and the foundation of Justice.  But Justice, as we know it, can be a tricky thing.  It doesn’t always appear that Justice is served.  Unfortunately for us, Justice doesn’t recognize time in the way we do, nor does it care how we would prefer to see it.  It may not always seem equal but after the energy we release out into the world interacts with all the other energies at play, it comes back to us however it may.


In the Celtic Wisdom deck (Caitlin Matthews), Justice is called the Empowerer of Will.  The card shows a female warrior invoking Andraste, the Goddess of Victory and holding the severed head of an enemy which is thought to be the seat of the Soul and hold deep wisdom.  The Ogham tree is the tenacious Ivy.  And the soul wisdom of the card asks us, “What powers lie untapped within you?”


The Wild Unknown deck (Kim Krans), has the sword of justice hanging between two cats, one dark, one light, though at the center the dark and light is reversed.  Karma will have its way regardless of our ideas surrounding right and wrong.  Karma cuts through to the intent of every action and responds in kind.  When this card appears, we may want to make certain we weigh carefully our decisions for they set the future in motion.


As we grow along the path of the Major Arcana, just like in life, we have to take on more and more responsibility.  When Justice appears, it is time we learn to accept responsibility for our actions and the choices we make in our lives.  We are no longer innocent to the world and its ways, though we are not all knowing either.  But we have learned our hearts and know when they are true.  In that way, we are ready to make choices that reflect that knowledge and be held accountable for those choices.


The Justice card asks us to be mindful of the repercussions of our actions and intentions.  The universe can sniff out the Truth in it all.  If we wish to be truly successful, both our hearts and deeds need to be aligned with our truth.  If the card is reversed, we may need to check our calibration with the universal Truth.  If we are working with others, we may need to be sure we aren’t being wrongly influenced or misinterpreting the winning side as the correct side.  Even if we are just following the flow of traffic when we are speeding, we alone are responsible for the fine or the damage if we crash.  If Justice is reversed, we need to look at all the ways we may be perpetuating injustice, with or without the intent.  We may need to draw upon some deep strength and courage to break free if we find we are moving with forces that benefit some while harming others.  When Justice comes into our lives, it is time to reconcile our actions to this point and recalibrate our intentions to align with truth and love.  We reap what we sow.  Justice reminds us to choose our seed wisely.


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