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The Chariot

By: Nikki Savage


We have journeyed from innocence to authority.  We have moved from understanding ourselves, our world and ourselves in relationship to our world.  Then we moved to ourselves in relationship to others.  Last time we met the Lovers and now the Chariot awaits us.


It isn’t a carriage and the distinction between the two suggests the true essence of this card.  The Chariot is driven by us, by the strength of our will.The Chariot is our ride.  And when it enters our life, it is time to decide where we wish to go.


In the Celtic Wisdom deck (Caitlin Matthews) the Chariot is called the Mover of Energy.   It depicts the Celtic horse goddess Epona who embodies the force that can move us across whatever terrain may lie ahead to reach our goals. Its Ogham tree is the mighty Oak.  The soul wisdom of the card asks, “Which energies need to be harnessed now?”


The Chariot in the Wild Unknown deck (Kim Krans) shows a horse with a sun, a moon and a pentacle, which I see as the material world, all in alignment.  The horse will not move without the confidant rider.  Once we set our sights and decide the way we wish to go, we are ready to ride. When we are sure of our own ability and worthiness to mount our steed, and know that the path we choose is aligned with our Truth, our steed will not fail us.


When the Chariot shows up in our lives, it is time to go.  It is time to move towards the places we wish to be in this life.  The energy is with us. Though if reversed, we may wish to be mindful that our advancement is not at the expense of another.  Any triumph to be had on the back of this horse must be honorable or the victory will be hollow.  There is a reason we learn to find the love in what we desire before we are offered a ride.  The Lovers taught us to discriminate between true and false desires.  If the card is reversed, it may be wise to test our desires against our truths one more time before we set off. Once we have that clarity, the horse is waiting.  Are we willing to take the reins?


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