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By Nikki Savage


Our Fool has had quite a journey so far.  He was introduced to the elements in the world and in himself.  He was guided by the father and mother.  Then found his own authority and who he was in a relationship, in love.  He began to see where he wanted to go and moved forward in that direction.  And learned that the universe responds to our actions, that all of our actions create effects.  We last visited Justice.


No one will dispute that karma carries a big lesson.  The first time the effects of our actions come around to meet us can be staggering, especially if, despite our best intentions, we produce bad karma.  It is hard to accept our part in another’s misfortune.  And likewise, it can be equally impactful to see how far the ripples of our good deeds can go.  Either way, it is wise to pause the journey to be alone and contemplate if we wish to continue along in our chosen direction.  This is the lesson of the Hermit.


In the Celtic Wisdom tarot (Caitlin Matthews), the Hermit is known as the Counselor of Truth.  The card shows a man returned to nature.  A recurring character in many of our myths, who seeks clarity in solitude and guidance from his own good counsel.  The Ogham tree is Heather which has been associated with clearing spaces and refinement among other things.  Meditation can also bring clarity and refinement of our thoughts.  The soul wisdom of the card asks, “What seeks to be born in the silence?”


In the Wild Unknown tarot (Kim Krans), we see a turtle pulled inside of his shell that is illuminated from some source within.  The card asks us to be still and tune into our own source of illumination and listen for its guidance.


The Hermit reminds us to continuously pause along our way to our desired destination to make sure we are still heading in the right direction.  If the Hermit shows up, it is time to be alone and seek guidance in the silence.  The path is ours alone and so there is no better counsel to seek than our own.  The medicine of the Hermit will reappear each time we need to sit and allow the present moment have our full attention to see what counsel it can lend us.  We need to keep care of our inner wisdom by making time to listen to it.  If the Hermit has appeared in our lives, that time is now.


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