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By: Nikki Savage


After walking the first steps as the Magician, we soon become aware of our need to balance our active nature with our passive nature.  We were prepared to begin by absorbing everything we encountered with the eyes of innocence.  After receiving the medicine of the Fool we were ready to choose our path and bring our magic to life in this world.  It was time to receive the experience of the Magician, understanding how to use the elements at hand to navigate the journey.  And as we gain this experience we find that we need to reconnect to our source.  We need to set aside time to commune with nature, in the wilds of the world and the wilds of our own psyche.


The High Priestess comes in to remind us, though we are creating magic, we are always learning and honing our skills.  We need to balance the projective quality of the Magician with the receptive quality of the High Priestess to work our greatest magic.  The High Priestess asks us to honor the soul of our journey, to study the steps we have made and listen to our intuition on where to step next.


In the Celtic Wisdom Tarot (Caitlin Matthews), the number 2 card that teaches of the duality of manifestation and magic is named the Guardian of Truth.  It is paired with the first tree of the Ogham, Birch.  A tree of beginnings.  Perhaps it is saying the real journey doesn’t begin until we reconcile the duality in our own nature.  In the Wild Unknown (Kim Krans), the High Priestess is depicted as a Siberian Tiger under a crescent moon.  A picture of quiet confidence in the dark with the only moonlight to see by.


The High Priestess is a reminder of the magic of our intuition, though we may need to take the time to adjust our eyes to this more subtle light.  It is a call to pull our magic back into ourselves and let it sing to us of dreams unbound by what we know in the light of day.  She asks us to pause in our active pursuit of life and let it speak to us in our current condition.  Reversed, she is asking us to go a little deeper, to be sure we are getting beyond appearances that may be distorted and come back to the truth, to our source. Maybe the dream has evolved or a new depth to the magic we possess will be revealed if we take the time to sit and listen.   The High Priestess holds the space for whenever we find that time.  And if she has come knocking, we would do best to make that time now.



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