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major arcana the lovers

By: Nikki Savage

We continue to make our way through the archetypes of the Major Arcana.  We have moved from learning the language to learning to use our own voices.  We have formed a budding idea of who we are now and who we aspire to be.  Here we begin to put ourselves out in the world.  If we are true to our source of divinity and authority, our natural expression is one of love.  And so of course, here we meet love in all the ways it is expressed in the world.  Here we learn how to relate.  We also learn our way with desire and how to discern if what we desire is fleeting or lasting.  If what we desire is true.


Here we are met by the Lovers of the tarot.  We leave the home, knowing ourselves and begin to move towards building a home of our own. At this point in the story the fool has some self knowledge and has learned from the stories of how the structures of this world came to be.  We know how to contemplate matters and understand there is a higher truth above our singular experience.  And now we set out to gain new experience and learn how we relate to others. How we move with others who are on their own journeys.  And we begin to learn what pulls at us.  What we are attracted to.  And we begin to develop relationships that offer us opportunities to glimpse ourselves in a new light.  We learn to test our new found desires against the Truth of who we are.


The Celtic Wisdom tarot calls this card the Lover of Devotion.  The Lover is associated with the Rowan tree in the Celtic Ogham alphabet.  The Rowan is a symbol of protection against tricks and illusions and staying true to ourselves.  The Wild Unknown shows a pair of Canadian geese, who mate for life, in harmonious and joyful flight.


The Lovers card may be a cue to look for love and romance in our lives.   It could also be asking us to make sure we are not led by false desires.  It always asks us to stay true to that highest love and seek harmony in the situation.  The Lovers remind us there is always love available.  Sometimes we may need to look for it.


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