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By: Nikki Savage


While walking the path of the innocent Fool, we begin to experience life.  We begin to gain knowledge of the world and witness the ways the elements play within it.  At some point, we are no longer foolish and guided by the winds but ready to make a decision.  Ready to choose a direction and make our own way.  Enter the Magician.


The Magician is card 1 of the Major Arcana though it is not the first card.  The Fool was 0 and held all the potential but no focus.  Zero is the origin, neutral.  The space pregnant with possibilities, like what I envision as the primordial energy that is pure consciousness.  And 1 is where our will enters the picture.  Tools have been gathered, the course is decided and now we begin to make our way with purpose.  No longer are we to just observe life as it comes.  We are to engage with it.


The Magician calls us to step into our power and own the path we choose to walk.  We are ready to begin.  The Celtic Wisdom Tarot (Caitlin Matthews) calls the initiate The Decider of Will, fitting for a card of intention and effort.  The Wild Unknown (Kim Krans) pictures a cheetah, always ready for action sitting upon the symbols of each suit of the Tarot:  a Sword, a Pentacle, a Wand and a Cup.  They represent each of the elements and the foundation of knowledge acquired as a Fool, now available to use with intent as a Magician.


This card asks us to apply the knowledge we have, use our skills and start walking the way of our soul.  When reversed, if you have been indecisive, remember all the experience you have now and trust in your readiness.  If your purpose is aligned with love and is not harming others, do what thou will.  This card empowers us to begin to make our magic in this world.   This card begs us to let go of self-doubt, to stop discrediting the experience we have, even though this is only our first step.  Every story begins somewhere.   The Magician lets you know, you are somewhere now.  Choose the story you wish your life to tell and begin to live it.




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