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By: Elly

Practicality is the hallmark of Capricorns; one thing seemed to be a recurring theme when I researched this topic: Earth signs, earth tones, no muss, and no fuss. While I am all for practicality and earth tones that doesn’t mean it has to be boring!

Capricorns tend to opt for a classic look, over something flashy and trendy (this is where I diverge from my sign.) for all you true Capricorns I’m going to do a sparkly neutral look that could easily transition from work to evening with a little added eyeliner and mascara.

Physically, Capricorns are known for having clear skin, narrow foreheads, wide smiles, deep-set eyes, dark hair, and prominent cheek bones. David Bowie and Annie Lennox are two notable Capricorns. Red lips with black or grey eye shadow will always be acceptable, but let’s do something different.

Start out with your regular foundation routine. For me, this is moisturizer, primer, then concealer and finally mineral powder. However if it’s the winter, or if you have an uneven skin tone, by all means use a good quality medium coverage liquid foundation.

Next up, eyes: Apply an eye shadow primer to the lids all the way up to the brow bone and underneath the eye (I used “Painterly” paint pot from MAC). This will not only prime the area and make your colors show truer, but it will also brighten the eye area.

Take your lightest shade, (“Chill” from MAC) this will be your highlighter, and apply it from lash line to brow bone, and on the inner corners of your eyes.

Take the medium shade, (“Sin” from Urban Decay) and sweep it in a windshield wiper motion into your crease. If your eyes do not have a crease, just place this where you’d like the illusion of one. Next, take your gold shade, (“Baked” from Urban Decay) and add it to the outer third of your eye lid, just on the outer corners and blend inward, darken the very outer corner with a warm brown color, (“Roach” from Urban Decay)

Don’t forget to blend your colors together so they appear to be a seamless gradient or wash of color as opposed to blocks or stripes. Once your eye shadow is blended to your liking, apply a basic black eyeliner close to the lash line.

Take a white or peach liner pencil (“I get no Kick” eye kohl from MAC) and line the lower lash line on the inside (this will make your eyes appear larger). Then, apply a coat or two of your favorite mascara. In the face chart, all the brands and colors are listed for easy reference.

To the apples of your cheeks (the fullest, roundest part in the middle of your cheek), apply a golden pink blush (“Pleasantry” from MAC.) To the tops of your cheeks apply a shimmery highlighter (“Chez Chez Lame” from MAC), and to the hollows (where you see shadows when you suck in your cheeks) very lightly apply bronzer to define the shape of your cheekbones (“Aztec” from RawColor).

For the lips, use a lip brush (for accuracy) and fill in (“23”rouge artist intense from Make Up Forever) top with (“Claire” from Buxom) lip gloss and you’re ready to go!

If you want to make this more of an evening look, apply a black shadow to the outer 1/3 of your eyes, and blend generously, finishing with a thick cat’s eye sweep of eye liner. Apply false lashes if you are going for an event or party, add a shade of lipstick one to two shades darker and you’re ready for a night out on the town.
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