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By: Nikki Savage


There really is something to honoring the Earth’s rhythms.  It was once how we learned to survive.  Now that we’ve built so much to buffer us from Nature’s changes, we are a bit out of touch.


There is a shift, a cycle down, as winter begins to scent the air.  All of nature takes her cue.  The leaves fall, sap runs back to the roots.  The animals begin to hunker down, making ready their homes for winter’s reign.  I’m trying to find my slower pace.  I know this is the time for inward thinking.  The time when the reflected light of the moon becomes even more radiant.  Time reflect upon our work and its rewards and to integrate our shortcomings with our triumphs.  This is the time to assess and decide where our light is most needed for our next season.  It’s important work.


I know this is the work of this time.  But the reality of my family’s schedule doesn’t change all that much to really slow anything down.  So I am trying to find ways to relax the vibration in the home, in hopes that our own internal knowing will ease into harmony with winter’s song.  Diet has been one of the ways.  Shifting to root vegetables and seasonal fruits.  Using more warming spices and scents.  Warm foods, soups and stews and fresh breads.  As my business has slowed a bit with the holiday I find it important to take this extra free time to focus on setting the new rhythm of the home.  Establishing winter’s beat will enable me to envision the perfect schedule in the upcoming months that will jive with my bank account and life and still allow me time to dance.


I know it is always best to move and act with the flow of the energies at play.  Seasonally, lunarly, daily, all of them.  But for some reason, the shift to winter is one that has become especially important for me to honor.  Maybe because the world seems to wants us to move faster, work more.  That final push of the year.  But, like I said before, it really is a time to sit with what we’ve sown and harvested.  Find what worked and what didn’t and make plans to do better. All with a heart full of gratitude for all we have and the opportunity to keep trying.


I’m not really sure why I felt compelled to write about this.  But I suppose I’m curious how many of you pause at the changing of the seasons check yourself against the shifting energies.  How many of you make some adjustments that give you the space to move slowly in time with winter’s gait.  What things offer sustenance to your soul to sustain you through the dark and cold times ahead?  It is time to prune off branches that aren’t growing, see what the soil needs from you and tend the places your roots take hold.  I hope you give yourself the gift of that pause.  If even only to see nature’s new beauty.  I wish you the grace of the season and the space to tend the landscape of your soul.  Joy and Gratitude.




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