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By: Adam


The ancient yogis practiced an art of changing one’s awareness through chanting or singing. Mantra yoga. And the Slit Theory in physics tells us that as our awareness changes, so too does our experience. My favorite, of course, is listening to adepts of the Holy Qabalah chant the Holy names of various energies (angels and archangels). History and anthropology of religion show us that mantra yoga has been used by every culture.


The use of mantras is not new to any of us. We are using mantras all day with the many things we say to ourselves over and over again. The most famous mantra is “Hail Mary full of grace!” And the most hurtful mantras are when we tell ourselves in the quiet of our minds that we are stupid or unworthy. I would bet my farm that the most powerful mantra is “Thank you.”


Cross-culturally monosyllable mantras or sounds are the most prominently used form of mantra for changing one’s awareness and thusly changing one’s experience. Madame Blavatsky wrote extensively about mantra yoga in her books. Here are three mantras Helena Blavatsky mentioned that both my father and myself use and have found highly potent: Om (pronounounced aum), Klim (pronounced Kleem), and Shrim (pronounced Shreem). Ancient yogis have taught that Om is really a sound of love and gratitude and will render the practitioner to feel consciously connected with Source energy (however Source may be translated for you). Shrim (Shreem) is the seed sound of wealth and aplenty, success. Many attribute the Shreem mantra to the goddess Lakshmi. If you are in business, and most your clientele are females, I suggest you chant Klim (Kleem) instead. In my life I have learned that chanting Kleem increases the presence of feminine aspects in my life, wealth and aplenty.


My suggested practice: on your old Catholic rosary or Mala beads, you will recall, there are 108 beads, and you use them to count each “Hail Mary.” The 108 represents the 9 levels of consciousness and the 12 months of the year (9 times 12). I suggest picking a mantra from above and chanting 108 times in the morning and 108 times in the evening. Pick one mantra to try for two weeks before you decide if it’s working or not. Is it okay to chant more than 108 times? Yes. Don’t punish yourself with this. Remember the purpose of chanting is to raise your vibration and awareness, thusly changing your experience. What should you focus upon while chanting? Close your eyes and imagine yourself smiling, see the biggest smile upon your face. If you worry that you are not saying the words correctly, don’t worry. The mental attitude you hold while chanting is what matters most. You probably already know all this.


If you want to try a mantra, but don’t want to try it alone, call me at Psychics Fortell (800.873.7073) and we can do it together. If you have a specific problem, and want to chant a mantra to change that problem, please call me. I can help. Chanting mantras works.


I have included the Chariot Tarot card (Rider-Waite-Smith version) with this blog because one of the many attributes this cards represents is the power of speech, both verbal speech and those words we repeat to ourselves in the privacy of our thoughts; my goal is to remind you how extraordinary you are.

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