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By: Lulu Gleason

Mars, named after the god of war in roman mythology. Many associations are linked with this planet. A fun association is the word mars is linked with word Tuesday most notably because in many languages the word Tuesday often have the first three letters of mars (example: French word for Tuesday is Mardi). In Chinese Astrology Mars is associated with fire and summer.

So what does it mean when someone says something about how a person’s mars in the first house? What exactly does this mean when a person’s mars in the third house?

Houses in Astrology are used to divide the horoscopes into 12 sections biased on the positions at the time of birth and your location of birth. It gives you a better insight to your sign and a better understanding of how your sign interacts within its astro life path.

Mars in the First House

Most notable is the fact that if you have mars in your first house you would tend to pick up some traits of the sign Aries. Mars is the ruling planet for Aries and in older astrology Scorpio. The first house is associated with the astrology sign of Aries. The first house, also known as the House of Self in modern astrology, shows you’re more individual side to your life. How you approach things like a first impression others may pick up on.

It’s been even said that the first house is at it’s strongest in early childhood while dealing with experiences that have helped shape you. Most associations with Mars in the first house are Psychical appearance, general outlook into the world, Ego, aggression, self interest, passion, motivation, beginnings and initiatives. Most sources say that if your mars is in the first house watch out for being to impulsive or argumentative.

Mars in the Second House

It’s been said that if your mars is in a second house or in modern astrology the House of Value you would tend to save up a lot and then SPURGE. The second house is all about material possession and the astrology sign associated with this house is Taurus. You have mars, that rules fire sign Aries, sitting in an earth house.

Right off the bat you have a mixture of stability with impulsiveness. If your first house ascendant is in an earth sign, you’ll find motivation to save and then suddenly splurging that saved amount. The second house with mars has to deal a lot with how you spend money, material and immaterial things of certain value, making steady money flow but impatient or impulsive when it comes to spending. Many sources say that with mars in your second house be sure to watch your possessive nature. Not everything can be on your terms.

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