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by: Lulu Gleason

The last entry in our series about Mars in each house. Keep reading, Venus is coming soon!

Mars in the 9th House:
The Ninth House or in modern astrology the house of philosophy is associated with the sign of Sagittarius, foreign travel or countries, culture, higher education. Most would agree that the ninth house is just a more expanded version of the 3rd house. With mars in this house you can bet that the planet is not going to just sit there and simply like an idea. Open minded and yet loving a good challenging debate can be whats in store with this placement.

The ninth house deals with development of the mind, philosophies, idea’s about your god or belief systems. When you think of Mars in this house you have to imagine that one student in class who would continually get into arguments with professors over the ‘topic of discussion’. With Mars in this house you need to be mindful of coming across too self righteous or completely disregarding other’s opinions. Use more of your other qualities such as your good sense of humor, honesty and direct approach to life in your debates.

Mars in the Tenth House:
The Tenth House or in modern astrology the House of Social Status is associated with the sign of Capricorn, career, status in society, government, authority or father figures, one’s public appearance or impressions on a larger scale. It could be also said by some sources that this house is about the rewards of resolving karmic issues.

Mars is all about activity, anything involving energy and initiative. Sometimes this might lead into careers in the military, police force, professional athlete etc. Be mindful of being too aggressive in your career but mostly be mindful of your supervisors there could be tensions there.

Mars in the Eleventh House:
The Eleventh house or in modern astrology the House of Friendships is associated with the sign of Aquarius, friends, acquaintances, higher associations, benefits and fortunes from career, hopes and wishes. With Mars in this house you’ll notice a lot of aggressive, assertive friendships. There could be an above normal tendency of arguing with said friends. When it comes to hopes and wishes, Mars in this placement tends to just charge right in and reaches for them.

Not an over all team player, but knowing the name of the game you’ll adhere to being one so that ambitions are met. Cooperation and coordination are key words for success and people with mars in this house know and understand this. I’ve found in my research that mars in the 11th house, the biggest thing to watch out for is not pausing and/or considering the hopes and wishes that are being pursued. Mars is impulsive and so sometimes the hopes and dreams for this life time could be as well.

Mars in the Twelfth House:
The Twelfth House or in modern astrology the House of Self Undoing is associated with the sign of Pisces, mysticism, places of seclusion, retreat, reflection, self sacrifice, and the unconscious/subconscious. The twelfth house can be an area where it will show how well one deals with defeat and/or how one deals with life experiences.

With Mars in this placement there’s a lot of thinking about what it desires in all areas of life, but not so big on actually doing it. This can cause a bit of frustration and personal conflicts. There could be some deeply seeded anger and aggression that can’t be seen because Mars in the twelfth house can hide this very well. But when they’ve reached there limit they will go off full force.

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