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By: Lulu Gleason

Mars in the Third House

The third house or the House of Communication in modern astrology is closely associated with the sign of Gemini. With Mars in your third house you’ll find a lot of interests in a wide variety of subjects. Generally any type of conversation will be very direct and clear.

When it comes to getting your point across there is that air of coming across a bit too forcefully, but at least no one will worry about trying to figure out the purpose of the conversation. Enthusiasm, animation and just the lively expressions that come across tend to make others feel inspired. Also other associations with both house and planet are education, travel, and childhood environment.

Mars in the Fourth House

The Fourth House or in modern astrology the House of Home and Family, is closely associated with the sign of Cancer, heritage, ancestry, early foundation and environment. When you have Mars in the fourth house there is the tendency of being very protective of family and in most cases you would be the driving force on the home front.

Often times people with mars in their fourth house take on being the head of the home and guiding everyone where they need to and most likely in a somewhat pushy way. There are even sources saying when mars is in the fourth house the individuals can take on a passive-aggressive role in order to manipulate and achieve goals for the family.
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